Friday, January 9, 2015

Goodwill Thrift Haul- First of Many

Hey Thrift Buddies!

My name is Chantal and I'm new here at the Thrift Collective. I love thrifting so much and I'm excited to share the various treasures I find and also my tips on thrifting!

The other day I went thrifting with my main thrifting buddy- my dear grandmother J. It was so nice to walk into the doors of Goodwill. I immediately felt at home!

I love the Goodwill by my house. It's large and roomy, but not too big, so I don't get overwhelmed. The lights are bright, and the clothes are organized by color. The prices are also super good!

I'm pretty sure at least half of my wardrobe came from this dear Goodwill...

So on this recent trip I got a floral button-down dress, a beautiful (silk?) Indian shirt, and some cool housewares...

I love this floral dress! Even thought its winter I bought this dress in anticipation for spring (too early?)

love the red retro it says candy :)

the pattern is so beautiful

found this cool little bowl that was made in portugal!

So my total for the day was $8.99

Pretty good, if I do say so myself :)

Check out my Etsy Shop!- it's stocked with many treasures including that candy jar!

Also check out my blog Chantilly Thrift for more thrift hauls and tips!

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