Monday, November 3, 2014

Thrift Haul: Using the Thrift Store for Clothing Essentials. Plus, Batman!

I've ever so slowly been returning to the hunt, trying to train myself not to pick up my old favorites like gorgeous ceramic teapots and mugs that aren't stunning mid century modern pottery, super unique or very sellable. Or interesting bits for my own collection. Which means I bring home next to nothing now. And I love it, I'm enjoying the journey to being close to minimal! But I did find a few neat things worth sharing lately:

I'll be posting more details later but I'm challenging myself to change my wardrobe, curating a "classic" one with more basics, using only the thrift store. These shoes are are like-new with no wear for $2.00.

They're by Lucky Brand. Love their clothes but have always refused to buy because the price. Fun to find some for next to nothing at the thrift store. The wedges and heels on their website right now go from $89.00 to $159.00.

Batman! I was driving home one day and couldn't resist an intriguing estate sale. There was so much I wanted to buy, huge boat book ends with lots of patina, for instance. But I refuse to sit on tons of merchandise for long anymore, it's killing me soul! Lost it on the Batman coloring book, though. My love of Batman could not be contained the cover illustration is gorgeous. Every single page inside is colored though. For sale if anyone would like it. Would look lovely framed.

This kokeshi change purse last kokeshi-doll style "change purse". I can't resist cute "smalls". My previous one now holds gum, it was too small for the amount of change I tend to drag around.

This 1970s sweater came right in time for a cold front. We were enjoying a hot indian summer until this weekend when the temps dropped to 47 during the day, which is cold for us in north Florida. This groovy sweater is keeping me warm for now. It's also for sale. I'm attempting to find all vintage pieces for wardrobe basics if possible. This one isn't basic but I loved the retro stripes.

This thrifted dress was a gift from mom who knows I'm running out of clothes that fit/aren't in need of repairs. It's by Express and fits really well, I love the colors.

The back of the dress. I've been enjoying wearing the dress with tights, boots, and a turtleneck underneath.

And another thrifted gift from mom, a comfortable romper. Cute piece, I love wearing white. long until this random geometric pattern stuff that's on everything becomes retro, collectible, and wearable again? 20 years? It's so randomly ubiquitous.

I like how the back is open.

And then more summer clothes, it is the haul of clothes! These were free and both are expensive name-brand and barely if-ever worn. I love spending nothing or close to it on quality clothes. Beats $75+ for sandals! There's too much abundance around second-hand.

With personal and merchandise possessions dwindling I'm excited to slowly go back to thrifts, shopping with great care not to acquire anything that isn't absolutely needed or absolutely amazing. Stepping up the curating game! By the by, I'm still trying to clearance the HELL out of my current merchandise, I really need a fresh start. check out my sale on Etsy. If you're local, check out my booth at Southern Crossing Antique Mall, it's booth #4504.

I'm also selling my favorite second-hand find, my gorgeous mid century modern couch! Every time it has appeared on the website I've gotten e-mailed offers on it, if it's in the background of a craigslist post or item listing people want the sexy beast. My boyfriend just moved in and his huge sectional is more practical; my couch has no where to live. It'll be tough to see it go. Do e-mail me if you're local and interested or have any questions.

Been finding anything interesting lately at the thrifts? I'm still enjoying my reprieve for now, still getting a clear picture of the things I'll bring home into the future. - Thrift Core


  1. Love the Express dress and the Lucky shoes! I'm trying to bring home less stuff as well - and list more of what I have. But there's just SO much great stuff out there!

  2. Bah! Saw Batman and nothing else, and knew it was you!


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