Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Thrifting Recap

If you’re like me, once a week you like to tour your list of favourite thrifting blogs to see what great stuff other people have been finding. But, in the dog days of summer, those new posts seem to be few and far between. Well, never fear, Eight Mile Vintage to the rescue with a recap of some of my favourite finds this summer. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy!

If you watch Downton Abbey, you’ve probably noticed the yellow earthenware bowls in Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen. There seems to be some dispute as to whether they are T.G. Green Gripstand bowls or Mason Cash bowls. I’ll be watching the next season carefully to see which they are. Gripstand bowls were produced by T.G. Green & Co. Ltd. in the UK and have a distinctive triangulated flat area on the base for easy tilting of the bowl while hand mixing. The patent stated that they were an “improved mixing bowl for pastry and the like”. I found these large super collectible beauties at my local cottage country thrift store with a small T.G. Green pudding bowl thrown in for good measure.

The two Gripstands are a little big for my own kitchen so I’m sending these to new homes while I search for a smaller version to keep.

Lately, I’ve really hit the jackpot with coloured milk glass bowls for vintage Sunbeam mixers. I gasped when I spotted the large turquoise one in the bins being wheeled out at the thrift – and scooped it right up before it hit the shelf, of course. It’s already gone to its new home where it completed the buyer’s vintage turquoise Sunbeam stand mixer and bowl set. I found the smaller jadeite and yellow bowls too.

My first thrifted Cathrineholm piece! It’s in perfect condition and I could barely speak after I found it. If it was a bowl, I would keep it and add it to my own vintage kitchenware collection. But, since it’s a casserole, it’s already listed in my Etsy shop.

I almost missed this fabulous Dansk fondue pot and stand. I had checked over the shelves of metal items that were stacked dangerously higgledy-piggledy at a Goodwill (science question: do Goodwill shelves actually defy the laws of gravity or is it just that the clerks think they do?). I was walking away when I just happened to glance back and saw it stuffed in the back on the bottom shelf. (Note to self: check more thoroughly.) Isn’t it fantastic?!

What do you think of this incredible Eva Zeisel Pinecone coffee pot? Fabulous, n’est-ce pas? She was quoted as saying she wanted “to please the eye and invite the hand to touch” with her design. I think she succeeded with this fluid piece. It had escaped the eye of the gang of pickers who hang out at that particular thrift all day. Lucky for me they don’t seem to know jack squat about great vintage.

I’ve been picking up a bit of jewellery here and there. I found this 1960’s/70’s Montreal designer Guy Vidal plated pewter pendant hanging on a junk chain and snapped it up. I recognized his distinctive “dinosaur” stamp on the back. It’s not in the catalogue of his brutalist jewellery but there are identical earrings pictured there. I suspect this was a single earring that was converted to a pendant. There’s a shop on Etsy – Luckypatina  - that has the earrings for sale so I’ll list this piece in my Etsy shop so some lucky buyer can put together an earring and necklace set. 

If you’d like to see a little more about Vidal go here for his original bio tag and some of his incredible jewellery. 

And, finally, look at this great set of 1950s les Etoiles cups and saucers with the matching creamer from France. So similar to the Franciscan Starburst pattern, don’t you think? I’ve sold the plates before so it was cool to find these pieces. There were a pair of plates and a platter on the shelf but they’d been abused so I forced myself to leave them behind. A tough call but I need to do better about leaving behind damaged items.

So there’s a little bit of my summer. I've found so many more great vintage pieces but I've been a little slack about taking pictures. Hope you’ve had some good thrifting luck where you live. To see any of these items in my Etsy shop go here. 

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