Thursday, April 3, 2014

Eye Openers

Sometimes amazing things happen. Well, scratch that, everyday amazing things happen. Currently there's humans in orbit over the Earth. The phone in your pocket has more processing power than the computers that put the first men on the Moon. In particular I'm amazed by the things that line up to make other things happen.

Take my new friend Felicia for example; She's been a reader of this blog for a while. Long enough to know that I have a particular obsession and last week she walked into a thrift store and she happened to look through the Catalog and Magazine section. She happened to pick up a catalog and her eyes happened to fall on a page that she knew would interest me.

To me, this find is monumental. It's the last piece of the puzzle. I finally have a (possible) name, date and seller. I'm not sure if the "Eye-Opener" is a clever catalog write up or that's what they called it.
For years I've only had "Taste Setter Collection" to go by. I assumed it was made by a company called "Sigma" only because they have a line of ceramics by the same name. So I had to assume right? I still don't actually know. I think I won't know that until I find someone who actually helped produce these. 

What I DO know is the lovely Felicia found this in a Neiman-Marcus 1972 "An Early Taste of Christmas Catalog". Naturally I went straight to eBay and asked all the sellers of vintage Neiman-Marcus catalogs to look through and see if they could find the pattern. No luck.

So right now it only existed in this mini catalog. I know a lot of you vintage hunters can empathize with the joy in finding out crucial information like this.  Of course me knowing this doesn't really change anything. It's not like people list it for sale under "Neiman-Marcus Eye Opener".

The catalog is a pretty important find to me. I can't thank Felicia enough and everyone who has helped in the search.


  1. How fantastic that you are getting closer to finding out about your dishes! Congrats!!!

  2. What a sweet story of crowd sourcing! And good for both you and Felicia for getting closer to answers.
    (And that pattern truly is strangely cool.)

  3. It's pretty cool that you're getting closer in your quest. Every little step in something like this can be quite gratifying :)


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