Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thrifting Roundup: Scandi-licious and Holy Grails

The thrifting gods have truly been shining on me since Christmas. It seems like every time I walk into a thrift I find at least one squeally good thing. Scandi-licious stuff, kitschy kitchen, you name it. Here’s a quick look at some of the recent highlights.

One day I was all about green ceramics. Below is a JIE Gantofta Sweden dish – lovely deep green colour with brown speckles. My next stop that day was a Sally Ann where I literally tripped on a box full of Hoganas Keramik Sweden plates and individual covered soup tureens. Is it me or are green ceramics great to photograph on white backgrounds?

Another day my thing was Scandi clear glass: Iittala Tsaikka glasses with labels intact and in their original box; a triangular paperweight designed by Valto Kokko for Iittala that depicts fish swimming by a forest (this one is in danger of being added to my permanent collection); a Bertil Vallien designed boxer paperweight from the Boda Kennel Series; and a Iittala Ultima Thule three footed bowl designed by Tapio Wirkkala.

Then I did a run on Scandi ceramics with a bunch of Figgjo Lotte dishes:

followed by a score on a Figgjo Saga wall plaque.

I’ve scooped up some Bodum Bistro cups with their cork coasters, a very large Jorge Wilmot owl, some Melitta cups with their 70s holders and a very nice Aseda Sweden green glass vase designed by Bo Borgstrom.

I’ve snagged a few great rustic pieces like this beautiful oak library card catalogue cabinet (flew out of the shop as a gift for a librarian! How fitting!), a bentwood sifter with incredible patina and a Roll-Rite glass rolling pin.

I was especially happy to find this Pastoraali vase designed by Esteri Tomula for Arabia Finland stuffed in with the crappy vases at a local thrift – and even more pleased with my attempt at an artsy photo!

But, finally, the highlight of any of my thrifting ever. A few years ago I became aware of the prices for Noritake art deco pieces after finding a small condiment set that was snapped up on Ebay within 25 minutes of my listing it. I’ve had my eyes peeled for more of the collectible pieces, particularly any of the lady plates and considered them to be my holy grail of thrifting. Well, holy grail found.  When I spotted the plate below sitting in the souvenir plate section at a thrift store, my heart skipped a beat.

It’s so iridescent I initially thought it might be fake. But it’s not. She’s real, she’s beautiful and she’s headed for Ebay. Prices seemed to have softened from their lofty heights but I’ll still do ok. For a look at the catalogue for a 2012 auction of one collector’s unbelievable collection of Noritake art deco go here Noritake auction catalogue 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and good thrifting karma to you! You can see some of these items in my shop here Eight Mile Vintage on Etsy


  1. I love the wooden figure all up in the mix!

    1. Stick Man is a total ham - always inserting himself into my pictures! But he does make the tedious job of taking pictures a lot more interesting!

  2. Wow great finds!!


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