Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thrift Haul: Retro Art, Mod Carafes and the Sexiest Silver Robot Lamp You Ever Saw

Now that my clearance project is abandoned I'm excited to schedule more Estate Sale, Yard Sale, and Long Distance hunting trips. It feels better to focus on the new. I took one flea market trip this Sunday and came back with some unique goodies. Isn't the robot lamp above glorious? I'm going to repair it and add a vintage shade soon.

I found a cute little curio shelf that would be right at home in my apartment holding my hundreds of "smalls". ---->>> On Etsy

This was an impulse, I need to control myself better! I love anything vintage gun related and took home this somewhat shabby old gun decanter. I sold a similar Avon one so I may see how this does in my antique mall booth. Selling it for $12.00 if anyone's interested. (E-mail me)

Another plaque~?! I'm not supposed to be allowed to buy these but this one's huge (16" x 16") for a mere fifty cents, how could I resist? I remind me of the Dream Horror House (A Victorian painted glossy black by set designers) I wrote was my muse a while back. Or Foxworth Hall from Flowers in the Attic, just love the bold geometric shapes in this and solid color, it's a bit Halloweeny but could be up all year. I'll be writing more about the new Flowers in the Attic soon me-thinks, I'm excited to watch it for the set and costume design. I know it will be awful in some so-bad-its-good ways, too! See the plaque On Etsy.

I found a Libbery Carafe with the percolator (I believe it's called) and lid intact, a rare score for me! ---->>> On Etsy

I went back and worth on this one and went ahead and bought this "Etc." sign. I may paint it bright red-orange but it's on Etsy in it's original form for now.

Woah and yet another impulse was this nifty mushroom planter. I try not to buy more glassware but damn, a mere $1.00 to make it mine? I need more will power! It's on Etsy for a low price so it moves fast, hopefully!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!? She's quite similar to a souvenir lamp from Kyoto so I won't mind her being around in the meantime. I adore unique Japanese vintage pieces and love the mix of mediums here with paper, fabric, wood and glass being used and nice green detail, too. ------>>> On Etsy

And a final rule-breaker! Some big eye art plaques. For $1.00 each yet again they were hard to leave behind even though it's something that's a tricky sale. ----->>> On Etsy

UPDATES: If you didn't catch my new blog schedule I post on the weekends now. I posted two from the soul posts, one on Indie Biz Money Probs
 and one on my Project Progress for the week.

Also for those who've been asking, I still do blog design, banner design, product/business photography and freelance consulting. I just made a banner for the awesome Dharma Citta blog. E-mail if you wanna chat and get your business rolling. Don't let progress stop for the new year!

What did you score this weekend? Do share your finds and posts in the comments.

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  1. I'd stomp through an elderly person to get to that lamp if I saw it in a thrift!


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