Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Long Lost Thrifter

Hai guyz!

Ugh. So, since my first post, the rest of 2013 looked something like this: Work insanity, sick, no wait, allergies, work insanity, more allergies, work insanity, work insanity, WAIT IT'S CHRISTMAS ALREADY?!, work insanity, new year.

Sorry :(  I have been thrifting though. Sooo much thrifting whenever I get the chance. So, if you'd like to bear with me, here are some of my latest finds. Also, I'd like to share with you some of the items I've found in the past, so get ready for a journey through the past, present and future! *epic music*

Thrift store jewelry!! I have a huge earring problem. Like 3 large boxes full problem. And I've discovered lately that I have an affinity for large, ridiculous looking earrings. Check out the left side of the first picture; look at all that ridiculous 80s awsomeness. A lot of those I actually converted from clip-ons to normal earrings by snapping off the clip-on part and gluing on a post! It's so easy and I will never be deterred from another pair of clip-ons again. The more reasonable earrings on the right are all finds from history; the unicorns and the spiral posts are some of my favorites. My rule with earrings is that I won't spend more than about $1.50 a pair; I like my thrills cheap :)  The bracelets are also from the past, the one with green cord has three little quartz piggy beads and I wear it on the regular. Tell me thrifters, which of my collection is your favorite and why?

Vintage beads, charms, individual earrings that will become charms, buttons, and look, vintage gaming dice!! The DnD nerd in me lost it a little when I saw those babies. The long string of white beads are made of some kind of stone. The beads in the plastic bag, though hard to see, are awesome; they're swirly colored and in varying sizes. These little trinkets are all destined to be made into something one day, I've always enjoyed beading jewelry and seeing these trinkets inspired me to pick up the hobby again as soon as I can.

Glass panels! At $1.99 each how can you say no. Look at the colors! The sun and moon is hanging above our bedroom door, the fish are above the medicine cabinet in our bathroom, and the humming birds were a Christmas gift to a dear family friend who is completely 100% obsessed with all things bird.

Obsession #1, thift ponies  :)  All these lovely ladies came second hand. These were my favorite toys from childhood and I have literally been collecting them since I stopped playing with them. The girl in the second picture is going to be getting some new wings soon, hers were damaged beyond repair. The third picture is the newest addition to the herd, she was only 75 cents! Poor thing is pretty messed up. Her legs are bent all funny and she's very dirty. But with some time and love she'll be presentable again soon!

(sorry about the not-tidy background btw) Purses and wallets and bags, oh my! The brown bag is by The Sak, who makes very nice purses in that woven style you see. They aren't particularly ritzy but they are a pretty penny when new. That one and the ridiculous quilted horse bag went to my sister as two of her many Christmas gifts (in all honesty I love giving people presents and tend to go a little nuts with giving during the holiday season lol). The turtle wallet will be going to a friend of mine soon as a (very) late Christmas gift, and the striped canvas makeup bag is staying with me. It's made by Victoria's Secret and is actually insanely sturdy! I kind of love it.

A Vera Bradley kisslock wallet! Huzzah! $3.99 at Goodwill! Except...

Wah-waaahhhhhh :(  Anything I bring home second hand, I wash. I either scrub the b'jeezus out of it, put it through the dish washer, or throw it in the washing machine. All Vera Bradly items can be washed, and I have always had great success in doing so. Not thinking, I threw this baby in the washing machine and when I pulled it out... I swore a lot and kicked myself repeatedly. The frame is actually quite tough so bending it back in to shape has proved nigh impossible. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? It's just sitting sadly, taunting me that I can't use it :(

The most recent jewelry finds! Two necklaces and some earrings. The earrings have some sort of southwestern looking creature on them, sort of looks like Kokopelli but I don't think he is. The silver and "turquoise" necklace needs a polish, but I need to actually buy some silver polish to make that happen lol. The other necklace is a crazy myriad of chains and beads and charms and it's pretty awesome.

Bonus! I posted these two glasses and the mug in my first post. They now hold my pens! Gel pens on the left, normal colors in the middle, and felt pens on the right. #perfect :)

That's it for now! I have more funsies but this post is already quite long. Coming next episode: glass items for wedding centerpieces! More Vera Bradley! A sugar jar, an Anchor Hocking Fire King bowl, and a cursed golden idol! Well, maybe not that last one :P

Bonus bonus: all these pictures were taken with my new-to-me Panasonic DMC-ZS8 camera that fiance found for me at the thrift store for $40 :)


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