Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mid Mod Mom's weekly finds

Hello lovers of vintage,

This is Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom. The new year has been busy with family and friends visits and a  week trip to Atlanta, but I am back to my little routine of thrift and estate sale hunting. I did not find anything extraordinary this week, but I love every single one of my finds.

My fourth set of Takahashi teardrop salt and pepper shakers. This time in a beautiful red-orange lacquer. These are so mod and fun.

There is always a first time for every thing. These wonderful Braun alarm clocks have been in my thrifting list for a long time. My mom used to have a similar one on her beside table for as long as I can remember. Simple and beautiful pieces. Found the two at the same estate sale. There were many more alarm clocks where these two came from.

I believe both clocks were designed by Dieter Rams, one of the greatest designers of the 20th Century.

Another item that has been in my thrifting list is this lovely Pantalcraft wooden tray. Designed by Arthur Umanoff and made out of Taverneau wood with rattan wrapped handles.

I usually pass on most Couroc trays and dishes that I find, but I couldn't pass on one of my favorite designs. Isn't it great? In fabulous vintage condition!

Pair of salt and pepper shakers made out of what seems to be teak. Unmarked.

Enamel is a weakness of mine. I pick up evert single piece of enamel that I find, unless there is damage to it of course. This little dish was made by Bovano. Great colors.

Another regular of this blog. A Blenko water bottle. I could have a large collection if I had kept them all. I believe I have found a different color each time! This might be Amethyst.

I have yet to list this week's finds, but you are welcome to stop by my Etsy store anytime. Lots of mid-century modern and Scandinavian design beauty for sale there.

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