Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm a little bit gaga for vintage enamel homeware. I have accumulated a few items which will be EVENTUALLY up for sale through my work-in-progress online shop.. *cough*. I know that there are modern enamel pieces which echo the look of older ones, but they are just not the same. They're kind of like a Beatles cover band. Not bad, but you can't beat the original. I inevitably gravitate to enamel pots with bits of rust. They add a bit of character. A bit "rough around the edges". Like any of us who have been around a while.. *cough* squared. I follow quite a few Scandinavian collectors and designers on Instagram, and am envious of their drool-worthy enamelware on a daily. I have long desired a trip to Norway,Sweden and Finland, and maybe one of these days I'll get the chance to go. But for now, I'll have to allay my dreams by indiscriminately stalking Scandinavians on social media. I've said too much.
enamel bowls
enamel pot
enamel pot 2
enamel pot 3
I love all the above pieces, but particularly the enamel coffee/teapot. The floral pattern and that on the top are all hand painted. I just think it's so quaint and country, but the sad day will come when I will have to say goodbye to it. That's ok too :)

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