Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thrift Haul: Mid Century Modern Barware, Wall Hangings, Photo Finds, Bookends...

Believe it or not...I haven't been hunting in what, three weeks now?! I want to re-photograph everything I own, play catch-up and photograph some beautiful things you've never seen, and have all of my merch incredibly organized before I go back out on a real thrift binge. I did however, score a couple of things here and there swinging by yard sales while out and about. I should be canonized as the Saint of Restraint, I am Batman! Anyway, let's see the little goodies I've been holding back on showcasing:

I have picked up and put down so many mugs, you have no idea. The majority of my merchandise is comprised of books, planters, and mugs, there is clear fetishery at work here. These retro brown mushroom pottery mugs had to come home with me, they demanded it. You can buy them on Etsy but I will throughly enjoy them in the meantime.

Cowboy bookends anyone? This is one from my personal collect that's needed to be added to Etsy for a while now. They were unattractively juxtaposed with my Dragon Ball Z Japanese Language anime VHS tapes and deserve to be in a children's room or retro rustic den somewhere. See them on Etsy.

Getting my browns out of the way, I have a beautiful pyrex terra set on display. Ovenproof and beautifully holding coffee, cocao, or even used as ramkin style for small servings of miso soup. See it on Etsy

Casseroles, anyone? The mid century modern whimsy of the illustrations wins me over every time, so loose and beautiful! See the inside on Etsy

I'm finally ready to let go of the beautiful library art print. It's so studios and nostalgic and reminds me of hours spent reading science books in the school library. Ours look just like this one down to the buttery yellow walls. I could set up a tent in the corner of a library and live in there forever. Yes. Check 'er out on Etsy

And speaking of books, also letting go of my "Round the World with Famous Authors" book. Filled with wonderful writings and gorgeous color photographs around the world from the 1960s. I can't afford to travel the world yet (Anyone wanna sponsor me? I'm fun. I'll make vegan food for you! I'll clean your house!) so I do it vicariously through this book.

The back has cherry blossoms in bloom and two lovely ladies in kimono, how dreamy! The story behind the photos is that the photograph had to re-stage the scene with the ladies several times to get it right and there was a crowd of spectators watching the foreigner take his photos. See more of the book on Etsy

Going on with the book theme we have two amphibians that love to read. This plaque would be cute in a home office, library, or child's room. See it on Etsy

Our Lady of Perpetual Nudity has been added to the Etsy shop if you'd like to display her on the wall with pride. See her on Etsy

Along with some beautiful citrus themed tumblers. I'm trying to sell off all my tumblers quickly before I break more of them. Save their life, see them on Etsy!

This large flat mid century modern piece, I'm not sure yet if it's a serving dish or a planter. Either way it would be gorgeous holding an array of different succulents and cacti. I am very tempted to fill plant it up. See it on Etsy

I didn't realize how bad-ass this golf caddy drinking set was until I was actively photographing it. It's a combination wine opener, beer bottle opener, drink stirrer, and shot glass! See it on Etsy.

And back to work with me! So much to organize, photograph, measure, and document. I can see an end in sight! Got questions? Want me to work out a group deal or lower shipping? Send me an e-mail.


  1. Those mushroom mugs are SO CUTE. I think if I got any more mugs my fiance might throw me out of our apartment though; we literally have a shelf and a half of them because I have zero self-restraint when it comes to awesome mugs, I guess :P


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