Monday, November 4, 2013

Shopping My Stash

I've committed to unpacking and hanging all of the things until I go out on the hunt again. We've got grandma coming into town this weekend and I'd like to get the place feeling a little more lived in before she arrives.  Instead of shopping yard sales, thrifts or estate sales this week I've been shopping my own stock.  So much stuff!  I've been having fun rediscovering items I found weeks, months...years ago. Seriously, so much stuff.

Various artwork, a bowl given as a housewarming gift years ago and recently rediscovered, assorted milk glass and the lion I found, mentioned here.

This Ikea mirror was hung in our old house and had found its way to the yard sale pile.  Luckily we never had that moving/yard sale as it seems to fit nicely in its new home by the front door.

An assortment of thrifted books, skulls, globes and toys decorate Arlo's shelves.  It's still sort of a hot mess over there - a work in progress.

A fabulous buffalo print, the Tree of Life rug mentioned here, and our bedroom set nightstands which never fit into our last bedroom.

A Blenko glass decanter missing the stopper, a small Nymolle plate and a very ghetto DIY framed set of footprints are on one side of the dresser.

This industrial fan is on the other side.

A number of items were left behind from the previous owners, including this brown barrel chair.  A few colorful vintage pillows help to lighten it up.

An old metal plant stand now houses our router (along with a very sad succulent.)  Ignore the blinds and wallpaper, there is still so much to do.

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  2. Your first picture with the art and the milk glass is a piece of art in and of itself. You're a decorating genius, to take all those eclectic things and make them look so nice together!


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