Friday, November 1, 2013

Glowing finds

This morning I set about washing yesterday's second hand finds. I stood at the sink musing about how I was going to photograph my thrift finds but when they looked up at me covered in bubbles it was obvious.

I like the practicality of this jug/creamer. The spout is a serious one, it's called Brendan which sounds earnest and it's detergent safe, which is a must for any practical item. There is one niggling point which is I remain unsure of what to call it. Is this a vessel for a splash of milk in your tea, therefore earning the title jug or if it's better described as a creamer to lavish cream over your pudding and other tasty treats?

Either way I am sure that whichever job and title Brendan of Arklow would take on he would do it well and without drips. 

My next find was these three lovely amber glass jars. I could have photographed these all morning. They are made to house a mountain of biscuits and a generous amount of sweets and coffee. 

I just love their thick amber glass, the gold font fighting it's age and their considerable size.

For my online shop these may not have been the most sensible of products. Glass is heavy to ship and their size would make for awkward packing. Also they have no lids. I have ordered lovely cork jar lids for them which should make them fully functional again.

Putting practicality for posting these aside they are beautiful and radiant and I'm glad I bought them.

I've linked up with  A Cottage MarketWe call it junkin and  A Living Space they're link ups are great and you should definitely check them out.

Re-blogged from pop over to see some a diy halloween dino/monster and more thrift finds.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, They weigh a tonne which will be tricky for shipping once I open a shop but they sure are pretty.

  2. The amber jars are radiant, love the shots of everything being cleaned up. Different perspective :)


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