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City Guide -Cork Ireland

I have been looking at the other city guides here to get some inspiration. Initially, it made me very jealous but  when I thought about it Cork has a lot going on in the thrift department. Cork city has a population of about 119,000 which might seem small but I think we can hold our own with the best of them :)

First up, is charity shops. These will have clothes, bags, shoes and a generally a small household and book section. The place to go for charity shops is North Main Street in the city centre. There are seven charity shops on this street, all of which are small but because they are on the one street it is convenient to pop in and out of all of them.

My favourite is the Irish Cancer society, Castle Street,Cork. It's just around the corner from North Main Street. They collect similar themed items to create great window displays, see the image above, then announce a set date for their window sale. So for example, they had displays of old cameras and equipment and one that I was very sorry to have missed was vintage tea sets.

I think this has raised the bar for other charity shops and others on North Main Street are starting to do the same.

A full list of the Cork cities charity shops are available here.

Vintage Clothing and Jewelry

                                   Photo Credit: Miss Daisy Blue Instagram

In vintage clothes there is Miss Daisy Blue in Market Parade, just beside the famous English Market. Downstairs you'll find vintage day wear for men and women and upstairs you'll find occasional wear with a sparkle. The shop itself is really welcoming and fitted out with some great salvaged pieces.

A few doors down from Missy Daisy Blue is Peacock and Ruby also in Market Parade. This is a small shop filled with vintage jewelry and bits and bobs.

Oxfam charity shop on Cook Street has a railing devoted to their vintage clothing finds which is well worth checking out.

Next up on Drawbridge Street is Mercury-Goes-Retrograde, here you'll find vintage fashion for men and women and lovely jewelry and accessories. As a side note, she does fantastic gift wrapping! I bought a brooch for a friend a while ago and she gift wrapped it by cutting pretty pictures she cut from a magazine and stuck them to a box she found in a bag of goodies. Up cycling on the fly!

Second Hand Furniture

There are two second hand furniture places on Pope's quay Cork. Both are messy and packed to the brim. I often leave these out because I can't get in the door with a pram.

The Irish Cancer Society furniture shop on one Cornmarket Street is not huge but they are selective about what they display and you can get some good bargains.

My favourite second hand furniture shop, possibly my favourite place in Cork, is CJM furniture. It is a bit out of the city center but it is by far the best. They have a large warehouse and good turn over of items too. The prices are reasonable and the owner is open to a bit of bargaining. They also have a small household goods section.

Car Boot Sales

This is how I spend my weekend. For those of you not familiar with car boot sales they are like markets in a field. People drive their cars in, open the boots/trunks and sell their household goods or clothes that they no longer want. The seller pays a fee and members of the public pay a smaller fee. They are generally run as fundraisers for community resources. They are great for bargains, banter and a chat about the weather.

Car boot sale locations and times change regularly but this website is a trust worthy guide of upcoming sales.

Flea Market

Mother Jones Flea Market  is a relatively new weekend market on York Street Cork. They have vintage clothing, furniture,books, jewelry, records and household items. It's a lovely place, nice people a little cafe and sometimes musicians play. You are guaranteed to want many things from this place. 

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