Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thrift Haul: Atomic Era Mid Century Modern Furniture, Fabric, and Owls Galore

Time to play catch-up, I've scored some beautiful mid century modern pieces behind-the-scenes that I didn't get a chance to showcase properly. Some I'm very tempted to keep but as you know, it's all for sale. Behold the goodness:a

From the same fun yard sale I also scored this gorgeous black atomic style self. So tempted to keep it for my own collection but I'll be putting it in front of Southern Crossing Antique Mall and on Craigslist soon. Let me know if you're interested, it's a beautiful bookshelf and I haven't seen one like it in person before. For now it's doing a wonderful job as my printer stand.

I'm not sure where this plaque is from or even if it's vintage, loved the look of it though. Let me know if you have any information on this piece. It's chilling in my kitchen for the moment.

I love this raffiaware set, I've always wanted to find a big lot of them. Thrifters and their nerd ambitions. This picnic-ready set comes with a large pitcher and seven cups, perfect for a pool party or anytime use. See it on Etsy.

These atomic era busy brown curtains are absolutely gorgeous, the fabric is thick and very sturdy. They're in like-new condition. Anyone have any information on these pieces? I didn't occur to me until later that they could be reproductions. I have four panels awaiting their new home on Etsy.

How about an adorable little owl plaque for your home? I love this guy stayed in a gallery wall. See him on Etsy.

I almost painted these frames bright orange as a before/after for Halloween...so glad I went against it. The artist Leland Brewsaugh was a fellow north Floridian that painted marshland birds and natural scenes. See these two beautiful pieces on Etsy.

I like this pretty donkey candy dish as a vanity jar to hold cotton balls and q-tips. See him in action On Etsy.

I love that this owl key hook piece is also a memo board and letter holder! See 'em on Etsy.

Don't Be Shy: If you like anything on the Etsy shop or in this post, send me an e-mail . I will work out a shipping deal for multiple items. Much of this will be added to my Southern Crossing Antique Mall booth as well for you to scoop up if you're local. You can also meet-up with me if you're local if you'd like to buy anything you see. Read more over at Thrift Core


  1. In picture 5, in the lower right corner, it looks like you have a picture of a pot leaf talking to a rabbit in some very creative English. I'm dying over here. Tell me more about it! :)

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  3. Just loved the last picture.Really so cool and attractive owl.

  4. Good picture collection. Cool.

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