Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mid Mod Mom's Thrift Finds

Hello seekers of vintage beauty,

This is Mid Mod Mom and I am here to share my loot with you. I found A LOT of wonderful things this week, so I will dive right into it.

You all know of my love affair with Royal Copenhagen, right? Well, my love increases every time I find a new piece. This one is a rare ostrich egg shaped vase decorated by Nils Thorssen. Gorgeous!

A lovely Cathrineholm pan found at the flea market last Sunday, it is funny how I mostly find green Cathrineholm in the wild. I will take any color to tell you the truth.

Following with the Scandinavian theme, a beautiful enamel percolator by Glud & Marstrand of Denmark. So tempted to add this to my coffee pot collection.

A lovely ceramic tray by JIE Gantofta of Sweden, decorated by Ella Bergstrand. Great colors and detail on this one.

What do you know? More Bitossi Rimini Blue. This is a large shallow bowl found at an estate sale this week. Bowl is in perfect condition and it retains its original Raymor sticker.

Not one, but two Lotte lamps! These are stunning in their simplicity. My other two lotte lamps sold really fast. I think these will not last!

Small Michael Andersen and Sons (MAS) vase designed by Marianne Starck. Danish ceramics feel so different to the touch. Great stuff!

Large Emalox platter in very good condition. I usually pass on Emalox due to bad scratches. Happy to have found this one in such a happy color.

Unknown maker, but a very interesting piece. A Gemini sign carved out of stone and placed on a pedestal. It feels like it should be something. Any ideas?

A pair of iittala Arkipelago candlesticks designed by Timo Saarpaneva. These ones are tinted with a beautiful blue shade, they were reissued in the 1980's. I love them!

Large handled ceramic pot by Ditlev ceramics of Denmark. There is not much information out there about this studio, but every single piece I have seen is absolutely stunning!

Whew! This is it for the week! If you are interested in anything feel free to contact me.


  1. wow, that's quiet the amazing haul! I think i would pass out on the post if I found a Catherineholm pan at a flea market. They are almost extinct in Ireland:) lovely finds

    1. Thank you for your comment. To tell you the truth I almost fainted the first time I found a CH in the wild!


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