Monday, October 7, 2013

Mid Century Modern Haul of Furniture, Barware, Pink Elephants, and More!

Holy hell I'm working hard to get ahead lately, this is my second all-nighter this week! I can't wait to get some sleep, but I'm grateful for the motivation and inspiration to find quality vintage, get it listed and sold, and re-vamp my branding! I went with the inspiration boost and found some amazing quality vintage this week, behold the glory:

First, let's gawk at the glory of my first mid century modern hutch find with the glass front intact! I'm hoping this sells soon but I won't mind keeping it around to store merchandise. If you're local and in the market for any of the gorgeous mid century modern pieces seen in this post, send me an e-mail please!

The hutch comes with this matching buffet/credenza. I'm using it to store art supplies at the moment and it's holding many cans of paint and a multitude of supplies like damn champ! It's my hero. Still for sale, of course!

Yuko did not get to enjoy "her" telephone table for long, it sold nearly immediately after it was listed online. Little wonder, it's a gorgeous piece and in like-new condition!

Now let's examine those smalls, I found so many fun ones. This guy is actually a lamp, I'm going to get a lamp kit and shade for it soon and will enjoy the hell out of it until it sells. ---- > Etsy Listing

I love this adorable vintage barware instant collection, too. I'm a sucker for barware as you know, could specialize in that and feel completely satisfied ----> Etsy Listing

And I got charmed by this lovely tartan portable coffee set, too. ----> Etsy Listing

No mod bar is complete without drink stirrers! I found classy glass ones / hotel ones / more hotel ones / and working whistle ones. Will have to come back and take better pictures of all of them, ran out of time with these ones.

I keep finding these lovely small desk lamps, can't resist them when I see them. ----> Etsy Listing

And here's another beautiful lamp in black. ----> Etsy Listing

I found this classic snack set (I think my mom had these same ones growing up, or very similar ones) in-box! Check it out ----> Etsy

And I can't stop myself with Avon men's aftershave decanters, either. When the price is right. ------> Etsy

This haul post is turning into a few of my favorite things, train cases are making their triumphant return. ----> Etsy Listing

And we have a lovely tan one as well, both are in like-new condition and shall be used to tote all of this merchandise to my Southern Crossing Antique Mall booth soon!  ----> Etsy Listing

Last and certainly not least, observe this stunning atomic style magazine rack. A beau she be! -----> On Etsy

I have much more vintage to be listed so keep an eye on Etsy! I'm clearing out space to make room for more goods, excited to bring home more toys (robots, of course) and incorporate them into my Southern Crossing booth and some art projects!

Don't Be Shy: If you like anything on the Etsy shop or in this post, send me an e-mail . I will work out a shipping deal for multiple items. Time to brew a strong pot of tea before I get to the store for more price tags...

Find anything amazing at the thrifts this weekend?! Do share your finds and posts in the comments.

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  1. Whenever I'm in a thrift and see Avon containers, I open them up and smell them. It's like my grandmother is standing there right beside me, giving me a hug and calling me her Precious. She always smelled like Avon perfume.

    1. The smell of the bottles is nostalgic for me too, my mom used to sell avon and some of the scented do-dads would be scattered around the house.


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