Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blue and cream dream

Not wanting the grass to grow under my thrifty feet I thought I would share some finds from last weeks thrift outing.

These are made by a company called Myott which was started by two brothers Ashley and Sydney Myott back in 1898.

The company kept going in one form or another over the years but what interests me was that they started making Ironstone in the 1930's and this pattern was discontinued in 1982 (the year I was born). So somewhere in that 50 year period these lovelies came into being.

I have been trying to imagine households through the decades thinking where would this pattern fit best.

After hours of searching I still haven't been able to find the year this pattern emerged. Finally, I realised that I had much more fun imagining than I did tracking the pattern down. I think that half the fun is guessing. It wouldn't be fun if we knew everything.

How many people have hand washed the scalloped edges of the plates? Where are the others of the set? Did they get lost during a house move? Did they get broken on route to the dinner table?

So many questions that we'll never get answers to and nor do I want them. I want to guess and imagine, it's all part of the thrift thrill.

Personally, I like my soup bowls with a dash of nerdy knowledge and waft of imagination.

Myott Son & Co,  Arthur Street Cobridge in the 1930's

Image Credit: The Potteries

The image above is of the Myott company in the 1930's. I like how the men are chatting while the women go about their business.

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