Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thrift Haul: Mod/Retro Vases, Batman, Boats, Plaques, Fransiscan Starburst

I've been a very lucky thrifter the last few times I hit up the flea markets and Goodwill pound store, bringing home loads of vintage to freshen up my Etsy Shop and booth at Southern Crossing Antique Mall. Quite proud of myself for listing nearly everything in one night (last night!) too! Here's the beautiful retro goodness:

Starting with some modern art because this Yuko-face juxtaposted with french bulldogs is amazing. I adore French bulldogs and couldn't resist these two paintings on the way home from the flea market. They'll go to Southern Crossing soon.

This is the week of bags! First this vintage bowling ball bag is Chilling on Etsy

Next I scored this gorgeous Samsonite case with floral pattern on the top! See it on Etsy

Speaking of nice suitcases, found this lovely cherry red. It's not on Etsy or in Southern Crossing yet. E-mail me if you'd like it.

The inside has pink and polka-dots! Selling the large suitcase for $15.00 plus shipping.

Love this lime green sewing box as well. Check 'er out on Etsy. Gonna use it to store supplies 'til it sells.

And another beautiful blue satchel bag is hanging out on Etsy

Along with this similar nice brown one with silver feet at the bottom. Nice unisex bag. See it on Etsy

And the boat plaques! The glorious boat plaques I scored yesterday are too lovely. See the smaller one and the larger one Etsy

Along with this gorgeous large wire ship on velvet. See it on Etsy

And more atomic goodness. Anyone have a better ID for this salad or punch bowl? I have it here on Etsy

I ran out of time to list this gorgeous set of vases. I love the orange and the blue juxtaposed with the white. They're going to my Southern Crossing booth but let me know if you'd like to buy any of them.

The boats are glorious in my office corner until they go home with someone. I believe I'll be adding these to Southern Crossing tomorrow.

I don't think these Bauhaus mugs are vintage but they were so pretty sitting in the pound store bin they came home with my anyway. D'oh.

Enjoying them in the living room for the moment. E-mail me if you'd like to buy the set, selling them all for $9.00 plus shipping.

And a gloriously kitschy squirrel. As much goodness as I scored I still think of the similar deer shoppers before me got to! If only I'd have been a bit faster! Noez! Anywho, check it out on Etsy

And this lovely mod deer is too beautiful to behold too. See her on Etsy

How 'bout a nice Shlitz beer bar mirror? See it on Etsy

And a Wildcat Juice beer jug to go with that! See it on Etsy

Awesome industrial lamp, I love the texture. It's displayed beautiful in my apartment at the moment, gotta update with a picture. See it on Etsy

And I love serving trays like this, very fun for creative photography. On Etsy

And Franciscan starburst plates! So beautiful. Check out the set on Etsy
And perhaps a favorite despite all the mod, The God Damn Batman coffee mug! Love the bold graphics and cool colors on these juxtaposed with the yellow! Beauty! See it on Etsy

And with the conclusion on this post I've been working on this haul for 12 hours straight! From the hunting starting yesterday morning to the cleaning, photographing, photo editing, then listing, then a bit of sleep before more listing! I wanted to include many more in this post but some of the picture didn't do well and will have to be re-done. Actually they all need to be re-done but for now, time to get some grub and step away from the computer!

Etsy + It All Must Go: Check out all this goodness as more on Etsy. I've marked a lot of things down and will be flexible on some prices. Things gotta get cleared out, let's get shopping. Christmas is around the corner, after all. ;p E-mail me if you see anything you like and if you want.

 Find anything amazing at the thrifts this weekend?! Do share your finds and posts in the comments. And check out more  of my hauls over at Thrift Core


  1. You really raked it in! I'm pretty sure the punch bowl (actually part of a chip-n-dip set) is an Anchor Hocking/ Federal Glass piece but I don't know the pattern name (I refer to it as "Star Trek")

  2. LOVE your haul! I also love the 'Star Trek' dish. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it :) I'm dying over the Samsonites. My mom has a case and suitcase that are identical to those but are just in plain blue. They still travel and are, I think, indestructible. The Chuck Norris of luggage.


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