Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Allow Me To Introduce... Myself!

And then, one more joined the ranks!

Hi all, I'm Sam, but I go by Illy Mooncat on teh intarwebz. I am so, SO excited to be able to join you guys to share all the glorious things I come across. I completely soaked up every post of this blog and I can't wait to get to know everyone better. Thank you for welcoming me to your community  <3

Little background: I have always liked secondhand stores, but have only been really interested in thrifting since about high school. I currently live in Arizona but come from northern California, born and raised (in fact, I'll be able to do a city guide on both Phoenix and the NorCal coast soon, so stay tuned). I'll pick up any trinket I fancy, but there are a few things I collect and look for in every store:

-My Little Ponies, especially the G1s (the ones from the 80s. I have no interest in the new Friendship is Magic ones though). I was a horse-obsessed little girl and they were my favorite toys. I had a HUGE Tupperware tub filled with them, and now collect them in earnest. Few things make me happier than finding an old pony and making her shiny and new looking.

-Vera Bradley. I know this isn't antique, but I LOVE their designs. I am completely obsessed. If I find a Vera Bradley at a thrift store my heart stops and my mouth goes dry and I fall over twitching. Okay not really but you get the idea.

-Glassware in blue, green, purple, clear, etc. This is a temporary obsession; I'm engaged and my boy and I are getting hitched next year. Our table centerpieces are going to be candles and mixed up little glasswares and dishes... Eclectic/vintage/shabby chic type look. Hard to explain but I think it'll be awesome. So I'm hunting for unique, pretty little things in the cool end of the color spectrum for us!

-Noritake Royal Orchard china: This is for my mom. She has a beautiful set for 8 people that she found at a thrift store for $40. However, her set isn't 100% complete and it turns out individual pieces can be mega-expensive. So I always look for her to see if I can get lucky. I actually found a bunch of teacups and their saucers the other day for $2 each. So I got 6. Dear mom; I wish you needed trinkets I could mail in an envelope  :)

My fiance loves a good thrift, too. He's my thrifting buddy. He likes to get tools, useful things, or stuff he can sell at a tidy profit. Some of his favorites:

-Vintage hand planes, especially by Stanley or Millers Falls. He loves woodworking and these tools are apparently an essential part of a woodworker's collection. He keeps some but the more specialty ones he likes to clean up and sell. He once found one for $20 that he turned around for about $250! He also looks for other tools like squares and chisels.
-A vintage Buffet Crampon clarinet. He found it in a Goodwill and apparently it's one of their most valuable models. He spent $50 and got about $900 for it. It was absolutely beautiful and I wish I still had a picture for you.
-Practical things: a really nice humidifier so we stop waking up with sore throats, a soda stream for $5 (don't worry, I sterilized the b'jeezus out of it lol), and some Sperry Topsider leather shoes that were almost new for $8. He calls himself a 'quality snob' and loves well-made sturdy things. Who can blame him!

So, this intro post, I'll share with you my most recent finds. I think next time I will gather some of my favorite finds over the years and do a Visual History of Illy's Thrfting Adventures, if you like. :)

On to the pics!

A big soup bowl with a recipe for cream of mushroom soup and an Anchor Hocking Fire King McDonald's mug, 99 cents each! The soup bowl I got because it reminds me of some dishes my grandmother has had since forever. Those are more normal-sized shallow bowls, unlike this soup mug. Apparently it was made by Nanna's Oven, a part of a company called Dat'l Do It, INC. They still make these and seasonally sell them at WalMart, I think. But I know they've been around for a long time because again, my grandmother has hers since I think before I was born. And this one I got looks pretty old. I wonder how long they've been making these?
The mug was made before the 1970s. J. (fiance) looked it up and said it was made between 1940 and 1960, because it's not the newest version of that print, which was from the 1970s. It's also misprinted; hard to see but the 'tm' has a ghost of it to the left. Same with the 'McDonalds', it should be much farther left next to the arch. I couldn't find anything about the misprint though. Does anyone know more about this? I know you guys have Anchor Hocking knowledge. In fact, that's the only reason I picked this up, I found it after pouring over this blog! I picked it up and said "Anchor Hocking! I know about that from Thrift Collective!"

These tiny little flower dishes! They are so cute and all different from each other. I think they were about 65 cents each. This is an example of things I'm collecting for our wedding centerpieces. They're very tiny, maybe 1/4 cup size? There is a stamp on the bottom that looks like a little tulip in a square (I'm sorry I couldn't get a picture) and I couldn't find anything about them or the mark, which is stamped into the ceramic and not an inked-on stamp. I don't think they're old or expensive but of course I would love to know more! Any ceramic experts out there?


These 3 lovelies, 99 cents each. I know the purple one is a glass but I decided it shall be a vase instead. None of these have any marks or anything but I thought they were all gorgeous. The orange one does have a mark on the bottom that looks like it was attached to a rod, so I'm thinking it was at least handmade/blown. The purple glass is killer with those raised designs and the green and gold bud vase was just too pretty to pass up. The photos don't do it's sparkle justice!

A green glass 'Made in USA' and a Hilo Hattie mug from 2005! The green glass mug looks like something Starbucks put out, but there is no logo on the front and apparently the Starbucks ones were etched, so this must be different. J. has used it for coffee and says it's great. The Hilo Hattie mug was irresistible. Look at those tropical flowers *drool*. I've been to Hawaii twice in my life and anything that reminds me of it is a must-have. <3

Okay, so I saw this mug and was like 'WTF flat sided mug.' So doing some digging I found out that's by a gentleman named Rodolfo Padilla. Here's a little link about him, it's worth reading:

He also has lots of mugs that use this design but are in different colors. I LOVE it. It's so hefty and 100% unique. And I was SO excited to finally figure out the bottom said 'Padilla' and find out more about it! In case you hadn't noticed, I love learning about my finds. I think I missed my calling as a historian lol.

And my favorites for this haul:

VERA BRADLEEYYYYY!! The top 3 images are some VB pieces. The box was $1.99 and was originally the package for an ornament in the same pattern. The box pattern is called Happy Snails and was out from July 2011 to September 2012. The purse was $9.99! As I was opening it to check the tag, I found the matching wallet inside for $3.99. So. Much. Joy. OMG. The pattern on the purse and wallet is Carnaby, which was out from June 2009 to May 2010. These pretties are kinda grungy but I'm working on getting them clean and nice again, so 'after' pics to come soon!
The next 3 pics of of a handbag made by British company Daks:

Go read about their awesome history! Apparently they are a very premier designer company. This beauty set me back $3.99. I couldn't find much about this exact one but it might be from the 1980s. She is FILTHY. Gross inside and out (someones face powder exploded inside) and she's a little beat up too; worn edges, hardware, etc. But she's structurally sound aside from the love and dirt. So here's my big problem: How to clean her??? The leather is of course actual leather, and all the ideas I've found are for cleaning leather or fabric but not both. I really don't have $40 to spend on dry cleaning; I just want her to be clean and usable again, as she isn't something I'd be reselling.
So do you lovely folks have any idea how to clean her? I've heard you can use a gentle washing machine and Murphy's Oil Soap, but what would that do to the fabric? I promise lovely before and after pictures to the person with the best advice, lol.

Well, that does it for this time. Next time like I said I'll round up my favorites to show off!

Please, if you see anything you recognize, or know about, leave a comment and share your knowledge! Like I said I LOVE knowing more about the things I've found, and the internet just doesn't know everything. Also, while I don't have a shop or anything, if you see a trinket you just have to have, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. Don't even bother asking about my Vera though  ;)

Hugs and thanks again for welcoming me here. I can't wait see more of your goodies and share more of mine with you!



  1. Love all your finds, those tiny flower dishes are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more of your finds :-)

    1. Thank you! Aren't they just precious? I want a million more.

  2. Welcome!

    I have a set of the yellow Padilla mugs, I love them.

    1. Thank you!
      Do you? Are they flat-sided like mine? I saw he also does some more 'traditional' shaped mugs. Personally I love the one I found. It's just so weird! Coolest mug I have ever seen by far

  3. In my opinion, I would not take your purse to a dry cleaners. Since it is a quality purse you want to keep, you want it to look its best. I would take it to a place that would clean and restore the leather. My local cobbler does such work. The way I would look at it - you paid 3.99 for the bag. Even if you paid 20 or 30 dollars to have it cleaned and the leather restored you have scored and awesome & newly beautiful find.

    1. This is true. I had never thiught of a cobbler. Maybe I can look into it. I just want it not to be gross. I obsessively clean everything that comes home from thrift stores with me/quarantine it until I find a way to clean it lol. Maybe I will look into a cobbler's costs... Thanks for the idea!

  4. Yep, mine are flat sided. They look like this:

    1. Ehr mah gerd the yellooowwww. Dying. They kind of match your Taste Setter obsession. ;) I love my blue one, blue is my second favorite color so I think that helped grab my eye. I would love to have a whole Padilla set one day <3


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