Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taste Setter

A few weeks ago I was trolling Ebay and I let out a gasp. FIVE Taste Setter glasses were listed. FIVE.

I emailed the seller and it turns out she had used my flickr pictures to identify them. These glasses have no maker's mark on them whatsoever and would be impossible to identify if not for my constant and steady stream of blog posts/Instagrams/Flickr pictures/Twitter rants on how difficult collecting this stuff is. The seller (a super rad chick bdubs) agreed to let me give them a good home and into my arms they came!

This whole obsession started with one of these glasses. I'm amazed at this point how much of I've been able to collect. Especially since there is ZERO information on it that isn't something I've put out there. I'm so thrilled I now have SIX of these. Huzzah!

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