Monday, August 26, 2013

Some interesting finds from this summer

I'm at my cottage and it's a rainy thunderstormy morning so I could do some cleaning......or I could do an update post here with some of the good stuff I've found this summer. Hmmmm....which will I choose?

Just a few days ago, I came across an interesting Ben Seibel covered sugar bowl. Clearly, it's the Lazy Daisy pattern but everything I read tells me that Lazy Daisy is part of the Informal line and I've seen backstamps that show same. My piece, however, is stamped Impromptu. A mystery. Any Ben Seibel experts here who can tell me what's up with this? Base and lid appear to match perfectly so I don't think they are paired orphans.

Fire-King has been good to me this summer. Early in the summer I came across a wealth of FK Charm plates and serving pieces. Nothing like a little Jade-ite to create a buzz of traffic for your Etsy shop! Lately, I've picked up the pieces below, some of which have already gone to deserving new homes. The turquoise band bowl - one of 2 that I found - is from the Colonial Kitchen line.

I purchased this FK mug from a elderly lady at a flea market. She had many boxes that had yet to be unpacked but, when I asked her what else she had brought (Dansk? teak? enameled cookware?), she would start telling me about the room at her house that was full of stuff. After several tries, I finally gave up and moved on. I wonder what I left behind?

 These FK cereal bowls would be a sunny start to your day, wouldn't they?

Lots of Stavangerflint have been making their way to me this summer. I previously posted some mystery mugs that I now think might be Stavangerflint based on the similarity of their backstamp to the ones on the teacups below. The teacups are identified on many sites as Brunette but one site calls them Gronette from the Brunette line. Whatever they're called, they're beautiful.

Found these Stanvangerflint mugs as well, with an interesting cityscape design. I can find nothing similar on the web so designer and date are a mystery.

And last but certainly not least, I popped into a thrift late one afternoon, not expecting to find anything interesting due to the lateness in the day, and was shocked - well, gobsmacked actually - to find these mid century stunners sitting on the shelf. These lamps were designed by Hans-Agne Jakobsson, a important Swedish designer known for his use of indirect and subdued lighting. They are absolutely fabulous when lit.

Hope you are finding lots of good stuff out there, as well! Wishing everyone good thrifting karma! To see more of my good stuff go to EightMileVintage


  1. The lamps are drop dead gorgeous! Great finds all around. You should link to your shop from this post :)

    1. You're right. Going to put in a link right now. Thanks!

  2. Amazing lamps, and to find a pair is unbelievable!


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