Friday, August 30, 2013

Sew Cool

Greetings Thrift Collective! I'm a new contributor to this blog, but I'm certainly not new to thrifting. I've thrifted my way through life and in nearly every country I've ever been to. I have a black go-with-everything-sweater that's been a staple in my wardrobe for over a decade thanks to a little coastal thrift store in Norway, vintage knitting needles from a high street charity shop in Scotland, and I'm pretty sure a winter coat I acquired at a second-hand store in Ukraine saved me from frostbite on more than one occasion.

These days, I don't travel quite as much, but I still know my way around a thrift store and how to find a bargain.

Depending upon the store, I'm also willing to spend a little bit more than usual if it's something I really, really love. I like to chalk it up as a charitable donation. 

Several weeks ago, I heard this vintage sewing box calling my name from the Salvation Army. So cool, right?!

I resisted though, since I had a hard time justifying the price they were asking for it. Later, as I pulled some yarn from a plastic tub at home, I realized I should have nabbed the sewing box for storage. I was looking for a nice container for my yarn. I could just as easily pay $30 for a brand new 'Made in China' wicker basket. Why not splurge on the sewing box?

I drove back a week later, hoping the box was still there.

It was -- although two ladies were eyeballing it right as I got there. Thankfully they didn't snatch it up. 

I love vintage sewing supplies, so it's surprising that I passed this over the first time. It's perfect for storage, as an end table and footstool. It's even sturdy enough to use as a bench. I know the original boxes had some sort of panel inside the lid for sewing supplies and mine is missing it, but I'm thrilled that it's in such great condition overall. 

In addition to sewing stuff, I have amassed quite a collection of vintage Pyrex through thrifting -- you can read my most recent post on the Pyrex Collective III site here

Even though I love Pyrex, I'm really only keeping an eye out for a few more pieces. To keep my glassware obsession in check, I've been on a roll lately with vintage snack sets, instead. You can read more about those here on my blog and read about them in action at a party I recently hosted here

I just found these four plates today. I'm pretty sure they're Hazel Atlas. They manufactured the same shape and style, but I haven't found any images of these ones with a gold edge.  Anyone out there have a clue?

I'm looking forward to sharing even more of my finds here! Happy thrifting to everyone! 


PS: If you need an extra dose of creative craftiness, vintage valuables or traveler's tales, head over to my blog: Typing Sunflowers.


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    1. Thank you! It's a great addition to the eclectic craft stash :)


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