Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blankets and Stools

Summer is here in SoCal and that means 80º days and 70º nights, a little humidity and wool blankets. You heard me.

Since it's summer people are more inclined to donate their heavy wool blankets and coats, now is the time to find them at the thrift stores and lucky me I gots me a Pendleton one for cheap. It was a disgustingly hot day here in Los Angeles and I was on my second pass of the textiles section of my local thrift and there it was: A Yellowstone National Park blanket. I examined it to make sure there wasn't a giant piss stain or major holes, somehow I think even if there had been it wouldn't of stopped me from buying it. I stood in the very long line of the store with no A/C holding a very large, very wool blanky. 

I've noticed most major thrift stores have jacked up their pricing, no longer are things 99¢. Most jackets and blankets are $12.99 or $24.99. So when I checked the price tag on the blanket I was full on expecting $24.99 but nope, $5.99! I was all the more willing to sweat it out and make this baby mine. Then in my internet travelings I found a Glacier Park Pendleton blanket for $30, not as awesome of a deal as $6 but still a steal.

Since I am a daredevil I washed them both instead of taking them to a Dry cleaner. I just used cold water, a small amount of clear detergent and let them dry in the sun.

 Also, let's talk about this stool. I got it a few months back at the Rose Bowl for $30. I'm 80% sure it's an Arne Jacobsen stool. The top, legs, stamp and feet are all right but I can't find a definitive site to tell me that it's the real deal.

So...How do you clean your wool blankets? Do you have issues with buying blankets second hand? Do you think the stool is real? Deep thoughts, tough questions.

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  1. Looove those blankets! If there is anything I really don't need in Tucson it is a heavy wool blanket but that has not stopped me from wanting one! Stool is great too even if it isn't by AJ.

  2. Thought you might be interested in this on blanket design:

    The green, red, yellow, and black is typically associated with Hudson Bay Company in Canada. They have some fun current stuff with the trademark blanket stripes.

    I wash almost everything wool and I love Eucalan since it's super gentle. But I hear that you can wash wool with plain vinegar and it's also a good gentle cleaner.

    Enjoy your blankets!

  3. I always dry clean. It may be a bit more, but the peace of mind of knowing all the cooties are not coming into my house is worth it! Besides, my dry cleaner is a super fun older lady who loves to see all my finds!


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