Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Epic Thrift Core Vintage Yard Sale Haul

I went a little crazy this weekend, stopping at many different thrifts on Friday and at an epic yard sale I was given the heads-up on this Saturday by fellow Southern Crossing sellers. (Very kind of you guys, thank you!)

I often resist but I'm a bit of a coffee pot fetishist. Look at the art deco swirls, starbursts, and geometric patterns on these three outlined in gold on the glass! The graphic designer in me swoons.

Ever make up scenarios in your head about your finds? I do it often enough to write the weirdest book alive. And I will. I've named this dog Chauncey. Also, my right-brain needs Hannibal Lector-restraints, he cannot be contained! Anyway, I love this ash tray. The colors, swirls, atomic shape, beautiful!

Speaking of dogs, what heartless soul could resist the charm of this dachshund decanter! It even seduced you were clever alliteration and comes with a set of barrel shot glasses for your booze.

Pyrex! I left so much Pyrex behind I'm sure the big-time fans and collectors would  punch me through the computer screen if they knew. It was nice to leave something behind for the other hunters. And I had enough to clean. And is it just me or is photographing Pyrex against a white background beautifully a challenge? So I came home with these three, an unintentional all-brown-all-around set to list and love.

You rarely see it but I adore anything Native American. If I somehow found myself making a living selling Native American jewelry, baubles, art, and vintage things exclusively I'd be entirely satisfied. You have to click through to see the back of these, gorgeous. Though I feel sick with the throught that they were probably used for Thanksgiving dinners? Evil.

This pair of mod pottery mugs are stunning, the finish is opaque giving it a unique look as some of the clay is shining through the thin layer of glaze. The minty green, gray, and slate blue in swirls are just gorgeous to behold. Beautiful, I tell you!

AND because these never get old for me, a 1980s rainbow mug that'll be snapped up on Etsy in no-time.

More beautiful drinking glasses! I've got a beverage vessel obsession, it just won't quit. I love the Gay Nineties pattern and opaque finish.

I just fell in love with the beautiful vintage packaging here. I don't think that's the right tray in there, the packaging just seduced me so thoroughly that it had to come home with me right or wrong. Look at the Viking ship pattern!

This mushroom purse, she's a thing of beauty. I've always wanted one of these! I'm selling the beauty for $12.00 via the blog if anyone's interested.

There're some friends that think I have a clown obsession. I buy choice Clown-Things for their horror movie kitsch value. I will never forget the summer I was six, minding my own business sipping a Capri Sun at an amusement park in Italy. A clown materialized behind me. He learned over, put his made-up face next to mine, and whispered, "Is it Good?" into my ear. His voice raspy, menacing. Despite the childhood trauma, nightmares, and psychiatric bills for years to come, still love these mugs. The psychiatric bills and trauma  are fiction but what the creepy clown did to me is fact!

Going with the Native American theme we have this gorgeous set of mod plates in the Navajo pattern. Love 'em. I will be plating them with raw vegan pasta creations until they sell.

And an adorable little lamb planter, because no haul is right without some kind saccharine, sugar-dripping kawaii to satisfy my sweet tooth.

And a clear little owl mug! I like these for admiring the color of your tea infusion, this guy's adorable.

I like how this pitcher kind of matches the cup set from before. I don't do exceedingly well with pitcher but oh well, will enjoy serving up green tea with this one until it sells. Actually, I will keep it safe and out of harm's way until it sells because I will inevitably break this beauty if it's rotated for daily use.

Suitcases! How I love them! Selling them all for $15.00 each via the blog if you want to take them off my hands, otherwise they'll look might nice on Etsy and in Southern Crossing.

And look here, another stunning brown satchel,  $18.00 for you before it hits Etsy, in gorgeous condition.

Had to get this gold-flaked pyrex dish, it just went with the whole theme so well!

And does anyone have an ID on these two groovy little glass dishes? Love 'em.

Miss Yuko is enjoying the finds in the meantime, as always.

Anywho, I'll be updating Etsy and Southern Crossing all morning with the new vintage swag. Tell me, what did you score this weekend? EVERYTHING's for sale at great prices via the blog in the meantime, so do e-mail me if you'd like anything. Its likely to go quick once it reaches the public eye!

Find anything amazing at the thrifts this weekend?! Do share your finds and posts in the comments

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