Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something Terrible/Something Amazing

If you follow my Instagram you saw this play out already, but if you don't here's what happened; Last weekend I was sleeping when a large crash and breaking sound woke me up. Since I have two cats I immediately knew whatever happened was their fault. At first I couldn't find what had broken but then I found this:

UGH! Bastards! I was heartbroken but I couldn't be too mad, I mean things break, it's just stuff and since I had three of these pitchers I couldn't be too upset. I really took it much better than I thought I would considering my much documented obsession.

It gave me the kick in the pants I needed to move the collection from it's clearly un-cat proof location to a new cat-proof spot. Before it was displayed on a low chest in the dining room and it's new spot is where my cookbooks used to live on a built-in shelf in the kitchen.

And then something wonderful happened. Christina from Pardon My Vintage, a long time Etsy/Twitter/Instagram friend of mine and birthday twin had this for me. She had found it thrifting and was going to wait until our birthday to send it but she figured I could use a pick me up. Along with the plate she sent a lovely note about how she didn't want anything in return just for me to pay it forward. Which I love. Her kindness is amazing and my new plate is beautiful. Thank you Christina.

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  1. That set is too gorgeous, glad you got a replacement despite the tragedy. My Yuko manages to break ONLY my most cherished possessions, too. Like the most atomic mod planter you've ever seen and my limited edition Nightmate Before Christmas Tiffany lamp.


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