Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flea Finds

Today is the third Sunday of the month and that means it's time for the Long Beach Flea Market!  It was nice and breezy when I got there and then I found these four Midwinter 'Sun' plates and hauling them around made it a bit tiresome as it got hotter and then on the last row I found the vintage Le Creuset pot and let me tell you, hauling around cast iron in the sun isn't as much fun as it sounds but at least I got a workout?

The plates are a pattern I've been stalking for a while now. It's easy to find on eBay but they do get expensive. I snagged these four for $10. The Le Creuset is an iron bottom "E" which means it's 4.5 quarts and the bottom tells me it's from the 80s. It's in a great school bus yellow color. $35 is what I paid for that. I guess this means I have to cook and serve dinner tonight?

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  1. Those midwinter plates are very popular with my Etsy customers. They are beautiful, and you can mix and match some of the patterns. Lovely finds. One day we have to meet in person at LB!


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