Monday, March 25, 2013

Hot Cool Vintage: Weekly Finds 3/25/13

Hey Thrift Collective!  It's been a while since I posted here so I thought I would share this weeks finds with you.

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Even though there were a bevy of estate sales to choose from this weekend I was not planning on a big Saturday run.  One sale had some beautiful Harris Strong pieces, which I knew were going to be priced out of my range but I went to preview them on Friday anyway.  While there I found a few pieces that I wanted so I planned on going Saturday morning.  Since I have changed my internal clock and can't sleep in on Saturdays anymore I went to the sale early to get a number.  After getting my number I noticed a rummage sale was being set up.  They were not open yet but I did spot an American Girl Doll horse that my daughter would love.  Ran home, kissed my kids & husband, and went back out to the rummage sale.  Got the horse, it was meant to be, and then found one of my very best finds!

First up, estate sale pics....

Another scan globe!  This one will be for sale since my son now has enough and my daughter wants horses not globes.  Dansk enamel bowl and Dansk teak cutting board.  The spar slicer came from a garage sale.  At the rummage sale I found....

... A Coach bag in really good condition, Boda glass Santa tea light holder and Reindeer ornament.  Teak salt and pepper.  Anyone know if they have a name?  I know I've seen them around.

This is already on my wall even though it needs to be re-framed.  It's signed and I'm hoping someone out there might know more about the artist.  

I believe the signature is Bodil Hagbrink.  Who may be a Swedish author/illustrator/artist.  I could not find any examples of his work though.  Is anyone familiar with this artist/signature?  

This is the title.  It looks to me like "Tim Larson (something) Neil 65/66".  Anyone?  As you can see the mat is in terrible condition but the print seems to be find.  My bestie and her boys will be in town this week so it will have to wait another week or so before I can re-frame it.

And now....... I picked this guy up, turned him over and got that rush.  You know that feeling right?  The one that makes your toes tingle, your stomach flip and your brain sort of explodes all at once.   

Thirfting.  The gateway drug to hoarding.

Meet Mr. Hedgehog (though I thought he was a porcupine) by Lisa Larson.  There were only 2200 of them made as a benefit for the WWF.  I seriously love him.  He's definitely gonna be tough to part with.    

Oh my gosh!! Almost forgot to add this one last find!  I was meeting my husband and got to his office early.  I hit a thrift which I usually avoid because the prices are completely insane.  For example, I found a small blue arabia cat pitcher.  Yay!  Asking price?  $65!!  Um, no thank you.  I know why they ask those prices but the "nice" cabinet has many pieces collecting dust, which does not seem to be doing anyone any good.  Anyway, tucked away I found this...

I've always loved the lines on this Digsmed cast iron and enamel fondue pot.  It seem as current today as it was in the 60's when it was made.

Any faves?  Let me know in the comments below.


  1. My fave is your comment, "Thirfting. The gateway drug to hoarding." Well put. It is absolutely the sad truth.

  2. Let's face it thrifting can be thrilling. Nothing like that feeling when you find that "find". It definitely keeps me coming back for more (and more. And more...... :) )

  3. Absolutely love the black coach bag!! every girl needs a nice black bag and this one's just perfect :)

  4. Hello!

    Bodil Hagbring is a lady and I think it says "Till *** och Neil" which is Swedish for "To *** and Neil" which must mean that she gave this as a gift to 2 people named *** and Neil.

    Oh, and I love the hedgehog, do you sell your treasures?! :)


  5. Hi Carin, Thanks for the info! I do sell on Etsy and Ebay and the hedghog sold pretty quick!


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