Friday, February 1, 2013


Los Angeles is awesome in a lot of ways, in one way that it's not is the thrift stores. Coming from Seattle, the city who's thrifts are so awesome there's a #1 song written about them, It's a big adjustment to L.A.'s barren stores. So I don't go all that often.

Today I found myself in my local Goodwill and struck gold!

The vase and the trivets are incidental the real amazing items are the two Jonathan Adler ornaments. You have to wonder how those came to the Goodwill.  I would think anyone who knows or buys Jonathan Adler wouldn't donate those (his stuff isn't cheap). So someone died? An unwanted gift? 

Who cares, I love me some thrifting.

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  1. I follow a few thrifty Seattle-based blogs and the city seems so cool, not to mention the thrift haul! I loved this song so much when I heard it that I Googled the rapper and discovered he was from Seattle. It must be quite the scene there; hope I can check it out one day!


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