Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrift Haul: Mod Finds, Tiki Treasures, Clown Surprise, and More!

I hit up an Estate Sale for the first time in months recently! Combine that with some carefully selected antique mall and thrift store scores for some beautiful vintage that was too fun to photograph, arrange the house, and play with.

My kitchen item fetish was satisfied with these two pieces. The radish spoon rest and gorgeous tile go together perfectly. That food still life with a fish, cherries, boiled egg, onion, and beer stein is so appealing! ---> On Etsy

This pair of beautiful blue fire king mugs already has the most favorites out of the over 300 items in my Etsy shop. I've been using them every day for tea! They're beautiful stacked on the kitchen counter, or hanging out with my tiny gundam toy! ---> On Etsy

Something about these little figures called out to me. Not what I'd usually buy, but I have some fun plans for them, I especially love the lion and the white zebra.

And this illustration on thin wood, beautiful! It's a low carved relief with nice soft yellow/white/black/red color combination. So perfect for a study! It's hanging out on Etsy, I'd sell it for $15.00 on the blog. --> On Etsy

And I like mini-anything and was happy to discover this lighter shaped like Winston Filters cigarettes  I'm selling it for $5 if anyone's interested.

These clown art prints by Dianne Dengel are colorful and expressive...and just bit a little bit creepy for the clown-phobic among us! They're attached to one long sheet.

What do you think, should I sell it that way or cut the pages and frame them individually?

Next we have this nifty gold nautical lighter sporting a ship's steering wheel. Selling it for $7 to anyone who's interested. It would make a sweet gift to a former sailor or just any boat lover. If you don't smoke, use it to light candles and incense like me ;) I use a bar-b-q lighter that's far less stylish!

I fell in love with this tiki-style mid century modern tray when I saw it near my booth at Southern Crossing Antique Mall. It's perfect for arranging still lives, serving people, and holding booze on your groovy tiki bar! ---> On Etsy

LIKE IT? BUY IT: Every find in the post is for sale! Send me an e-mail if you want to buy something. Check out more thrift hauls over at Thrift Core.

So tell me...what have you found at the thrifts lately?

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