Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Ready President's Day Thrifti Haul

I love Savers! Wait, I don’t think some of you heard me
Now that’s better. Savers was the only thrift store that offered 50% off on Sunday before President’s Day! Take that all the rest. Well of course you had to have the club card, but it’s free to sign up for one, and you all should go do it!
So here is all I got:
Chico’s Jacket Size 0 – $6
2013-02-24 16.14.56 (1)
Chico’s top size 2 – $4
2013-02-24 16.15.30 (1)
NY & Co Top Size S – $3
2013-02-24 16.15.56 (1)
Nine West Vintage America top Size M- $4
2013-02-24 16.16.35 (1)
B’leev cardigan – $3
2013-02-24 16.17.10 (1)
X2 Skinny Jeans Size 1 – $7.50
2013-02-24 16.18.02 (1)
I have to admit, I did stop by Goodwill last Saturday, and got an amazing semi-precious stone necklace and a curtain! Curtain? Yes, I have a refashion coming up featuring that curtain ;) So stay tuned!
2013-02-16 17.22.03 (1)
And don’t forget to enter my Giveaway! I have also joined Smashion, and Etsy profile is coming in the nearest future as well! Don’t miss out on all of the Being Zhenya updates, stay connected via Facebook and Twitter!


  1. That jacket is so cute! Man, thrifting gives me some sort of natural high. So much fun!
    Jillian -

  2. Thank you! It's a perfect color too, can be worn with so many things and so versatile!


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