Sunday, February 17, 2013

Long Beach Flea Market

Hello friends of the Thrift collective, I am Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom here to share this week's finds. They all came from the Long Beach Flea Market which is becoming one of my favorite places to visit. This market is large and it offers a great variety of items, but beware of the crowds and the competition. It can be brutal!

Today I saw fantastic Mid Century collectibles and furniture, most of them were priced very high. If you follow me on twitter then you saw my pics of the Bojesen soldiers and lamp, and the huge Bitossi rimini blue owl which were priced out of my range. I also passed on a decently priced set of pink Heller dishes and cups. Another item left behind was a Polia Pillin vase that could have been a decent pick but that was too rich for me.

So, what did come home with me? I did not have time to take individual pictures of my finds so I grouped them all together for your viewing pleasure.

Left to right and back to front:
Gorgeous Digsmed teak carving board
Desimone plate
Delicate glass vase - possibly Scandinavian?
Weed pot that needs some research
Tall teak viking missing its shield
Flora bowl
Poppytrail poppet
West Germany jug
Teak elephant from Norwary - very similar in style to this bull I found a while back
Boda Zoo hippo
Faience pin dish
Howard Pierce bird
Hammered brass whale ashtray that had me thinking I had found my first Jenfred Ware but it seems to be a Pal Bell design.

Not bad for a long morning. What did you find?

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