Monday, January 28, 2013

Mid Mod Mom's Thrift Finds

Hello I am Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom and I am here to share my latest thrift finds.

This week's post showcases finds from the last 3 weeks. Some great finds for sure, but they do not come easy. Many times I come home empty handed after visiting 4 or 5 thrifts. Estate sales can also be a thrift bust, but the rare good finds keep me going!

These two kinetic sculptures are one of my favorite finds. These were made by Scandia Design in Hellerup, Denmark. Gorgeous whimsical sculptures.

Colorful enamel finds. Very. Hard. To. Part. With! Picked at different venues. The light blue Cathrineholm bowl matches the large one I found a while ago. I think I am going to list it anyway. The orange Copco pan is stunning as are the butter warmers. I am in love with every single one of my finds...

Yesterday's stop at the antique's market (cold and rainy morning in SoCal) rewarded me with this GORGEOUS and large Timo Sarpaneva bird vase. Deep cobalt blue glass encased in clear glass. Signed. It sits 11 1/2" tall! I have been searching for comparable ones with very few examples available. This is one of the best finds I have had so far! Sitting pretty next to the bird vase is a Blenko 6424 bud vase in what I believe to be Ice Blue. Glass is my favorite thing to find as there are not that many people willing to do the research to ID a piece.

Another Landert fondue pot, this is the third one that I find. Customers love these and I am happy to pick them up every time. A German smoker and a sweet kokeshi doll were found while traveling in the Bay Area this past week (small and light, perfect for the traveling thrifter)

Other finds from my trip include a Bennington pottery cream and sugar set, an enamel plate and a ceramic bud base from Japan (great graphics on both)

What did you find?


  1. Oh my, Beatriz, not sure if I could part with any of the finds from the first three photos! That Timo bird vase is a stunner. Nicely done!

    1. Yes, the bird vase is going to be hard to list!

  2. Glass is my favorite thing to find too. I love that vase and the Blenko glass. Nice work. Do you keep or sell?

    1. I sell the majority of my finds on Etsy, but I keep some special pieces of glass.


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