Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thrifting for Treasure: My Latest Steeple People Thrift Haul

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Steeple People (in uptown Minneapolis) will probably be my favorite, number one, go to store when it comes to a thrifting quickie! It’s only 10 minutes away from my house (WALKING!), the prices are incredibly reasonable, and there is always a great chance of scoring something vintage! They also carry fabrics, which is what I was looking for!
I ended up walking away with a bag full of stuff, which included Corso Como boots, a vintage dress, and 3 pieces of fabric, one of which has already been transformed into something amazing!
2012-12-02 00.33.38
Here are the fabrics:

50 cents of wool
2012-12-02 16.51.55
$3 of black and navy blue fabrics ($1.50 each, though the navy blue one has more yards!)

2012-12-03 22.33.59
A $6 pair of Corso Como black leather boots! I wasn’t going to get them, but after looking the brand up on my phone (another reason to have a smart phone when thrifting!) and seeing how much those would’ve cost me at Nordstrom, I couldn’t put them down!


2012-12-02 15.41.50
And finally a $2 100% silk Anne Crimmins for Umi Collections dress (it will be featured in one of my upcoming refashion posts), and I am already putting together outfits featuring this dress in my head :)
2012-12-03 22.32.25
2012-12-03 22.32.38
That’s all I got! What did you like/dislike from my haul? Did you go thrifting this weekend? If so, what did you get! Please leave links below :)
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Replies
    1. I like them too! Too much probably :) I am glad I convince my husband to buy them for me :)

  2. I love getting a really good, cheap find at an op shop!

    1. Me too! I have another haul coming up probably on Tuesday! Also, I know you call thrift stores op shops in Australia, does op stand for anything?

    2. I'm almost certain that the 'op' in op shop stands for opportunity (:


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