Thursday, December 27, 2012

Palm Springs

 Last month when I was in Palm Springs I, of course, crammed in some thrifting.

Nothing huge and spectacular put I did get two frames which I've already used for two different projects. A giant pillow that reminds me of one my parent's used to have when I was a kid, a brass mirror, a Ben Seibel bowl that matches my others and a couple of shakers. It was all dirt cheap.

When I came back to Los Angeles I hit up an Out of the Closet I hadn't been to yet and while it was predictably overpriced I did find this dotted mason jar and this Dansk Bowl for a buck a piece.

Stay tuned for what I do with those frames.


  1. I really love the brass framed mirror! I can see that being used for some stamping or acid etching! Great stuff!


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