Friday, December 14, 2012

My Fave December Thrift - Speedie!

I luuuuurve op shopping.  I love stepping into an op shop and hearing my heart beat with anticipation as to what I may find.  What am I saying, I feel that way before I even hit the shop!  And I have to say I feel that way whether it's a new op shop I'm discovering, or if it's the local I pop into every second day or so.  You just never know what you're gonna find.  Every day is different. I love em that much, that I even blog about em!

So after a particularly busy week at work a few weeks ago, I decided the best way to de-stress was to pop into an oppie I hadn't visited for a while.  I hit my favourite sections first: bric-a-brac, glassware, linen, shoes and then clothes.  I picked up a few bits and pieces but as I was about to leave, I spotted the electricals section.  I've never really bought anything from this section before, not for any reason in particular, other than it just never crosses my mind.

But something caught my eye.  It was burnt orange, it was brown and it was totally 70's.But first, let me take you back as to why this particular item attracted my attention.... You see, my foray into second hand obsession started with teacups.  And I've got some lovely ones, all pretty and delicate and sweet.  And in keeping with that theme it also meant my thrifting moved onto doilies, teaspoons, vintage & antique jewellery and china plates.

But then I started noticing all the vintage & retro stuff making a comeback.  All those things that I used to look and laugh at, whenever I saw them in family photos of years ago, started capturing my attention.  And so all those bold oranges, browns, yellows, greens have started making an appearance in my home.

So back to my find, it was a 1970's SPEEDIE FOOD WARMER!  She was sitting all by herself for $10 and guess what?  I left her there.  I already had a handful of stuff that I was going to have to explain to the hubby, and so breaking my own rule of "if you see it and you like it, then you get it", I left her sitting there.

But I couldn't get her out of my head that night....or the following days & nights for that matter.  So, determined Speedie was destined to be mine, I made a beeline back to the opshop the next week and there she still was.  Phew!  I scooped her up so fast I'm sure I may have bowled a few people over who were in my way haha.

That night I was able to christen her by keeping hub's dinner warm as he schmoozed at various Christmas functions.  Oh, Speedie is glorious and my most favourite 70's thrift so far (besides my Johnson of Australia collection).

And as an addendum to my story, it just so happens that when I'm not working as a support worker in mental health, I'm working two days in an op shop (I know right?!).  And today my boss lent me Carter's "Everything Vintage" encyclopedia to browse.  And wouldn't you know it...Speedie was in there - for $45!  And just for good measure I checked her out on ebay too - another $45 price tag!

I can't wait to put Speedie out on display for Christmas lunch, she's going to blend in so well with my Johnson plates, retro champagne glasses and vintage linen.  Even if Mum does roll her eyes at yet another thing I've collected that she had herself many years ago....and threw out cause us kids always made fun of it!

Tell me, have you owned one?  Have you seen them?  Did your folks have one pride and place on the dinner table all those years ago?  Tell me your stories!

Kel xx


  1. My Nana still brings hers out on special occasions, I'm glad you went back for it, you'd regret the one they got away! :)

    1. Ohhhh! I'm so glad someone else appreciates the Speedie! Haha, it's funny you know, I pictured myself having it in 10-20 years time and cracking it out for special occasions with the grandkids! xxx


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