Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mid Mod Mom Thrift Finds

Hello Thrift Collective friends, I am Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom and I have a lot of goodies to share with you thanks to my mother in law. Don't fret, she is a sweetheart and she loves a good bargain. I am such a good daughter in law that I had to sacrifice my time and go on a thriftbreak with her every single day! She arrived on Wednesday night, and we went to her FIRST EVER estate sale on Thursday. We found a lot of goodies, but my best find that day were these two hand decorated plates by California artist Jean Ames. Fabulous, right?



Sweet wood monkey found at the same sale, he needs some love before I list him in the store. Unmarked.

Friday was the day to go run some errands near my favorite Antique Mall. What is a thriftbreaker to do? We went in search of more beauty and we found it. Look at these three canisters by Victoria Littlejohn. They are stunning! I found them at my favorite booth and I got a fabulous discount from the owner who happened to be there that morning. They will be for sale on Ebay soon. 

Found this wonderful Howard Miller Museum Clock at another booth nearby. Seller had it priced low, yet I asked the manager to find out from the seller if I could have it for less money, and I got another discount! It never hurts to ask.

Today we decided to go to the long Beach Market and see if the thriftbreak gods were still smiling. They sure were happy! I found several good things and this one is an animal candelabra that is perfect in its mid century style. I have no idea who made it, if you do, please let me know in the comments.

Beautiful papier mache head in the style of Gemma Taccogna. Another find that I need to research.

Large Jorge Wilmot owl. This is my third one. He is such a master. I love them and they do very well in the store.

I should end this post with my favorite find. A Finel bowl! Love, love, love all around.


  1. That clock!!! I love it!

    I have this knee-jerk reaction everytime I see a Finel Hearts or Sunflower bowl that I must buy it, even though I already own both!

  2. amazing post :)
    I love them all!


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