Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gamer Haul

Hi everyone, I am super excited to be joining The Thrift Collective and sharing some of my thrift/vintage/garage sale finds with you (and maybe, just maybe some of my dumpster diving finds as well :) )
My name is Zhenya (pronounced like Kenya with a "ZH" instead of K - hehe) and I've been blogging at BeingZhenya.com for almost 2 years now! I do a lot of hauls, outfit posts (thrifted of course), some beauty and make up product reviews (due to my slight obsession with them) and a lot of DIY projects! 
The first post I am going to share with you is a Haul (reblogged from here) but it's not mine, it's my husband's! I hope there are fellow video game geeks out there :) 
I love when Sam goes thrifting with me! It’s our bonding time! Well yesterday was a really big day for him thrifting wise, because he got the RockBand drum set at the Target overstock (located in the basement of the Salvation Army in Warehouse District aka North Loop)
And it was only $15!!! Yeah Sam was pretty pumped! So pumped, he carried the box all the way home. All the way to the WareHouse District! I know! It was quiet a workout!
The rest of the day was spent playing the drums:
We also went to two Goodwills, and got a Guitar Hero mic for $3.50 and a Dance mat for $2.50. I picked up a few extra Choose to Reuse coupon books at the library last week, that’s why the price on the items below was so low! We had to do two separate transactions though, because it’s one coupon per customer and it only takes 50% off of one item! Yet another plus of thrifting with your hubby!
I am glad I was able to make Sam’s day, and he was able to stop me from buying any more clothes :) It’s a win win for everyone!
Do you ever thrift with your spouse? If so, do you like it?
Have an awesome day!


  1. Welcome! I love thrifting with my husband. He's an extra set of eyes and on occasion he'll spot something amazing I missed.

  2. I love thrifting with my fiance! He's always up for a day of thrift stores and has his own special things that he looks for. And while he does try to curb my trinket obsession (we live in a teeennnyyy apartment which I call 'our beloved postage stamp'), he never gets unhappy with me or things I bring home. We help each other keep an eye out for the stuff we like too.


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