Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Finds

In case you were wondering if I managed to stay out of the thrifts until Friday the answer is...... ahhh, no.  BUT since I didn't buy anything I think I get a pass!  I did go out on Friday and was starting to lose my faith a bit.  It took a loooong time before I actually found something worth buying.  Then the clouds parted and the angels sang.....

Nothing makes me smile like Dansk kobenstyle.  If it's priced right it's always a good buy.  This is my first black piece and my first fondue pot.  I liked the little pencil sharpener so I bought that for the house.  The battery powered one we have is either falling apart, needs new batteries or eats the pencil.  This charmer is sturdy, doesn't need batteries & actually sharpens pencils.  File that under "They don't make'um like they used to".  Last found was the yarn basket.  I'm not a knitter but I really like these baskets.  I love the fabric on this one and think it would also be fun in a kids room or living room to hold soft toys and such.

The Dansk love continued on Saturday.  I was up early waiting for my fave store to open.  I knew they had the teak salt and pepper and I was not going to miss it.  I'm pretty sure no one else knew it was there and I probably could of slept in but I'm just too crazy about certain things and can't sleep anyway. Sigh.

Next stop was allllllllll the way on the other side of town.  Of course.  This sale can be a bit high but after driving all that way the Arabia pitcher I wanted was still there so home it came with me.  I actually have two now.  I bought the first one months ago and once I got it home I liked it more than I thought I would.  Since I now have another I can sell the second and have just a weeeee bit less guilt over keeping the first!

I also hit a couple of garage sales.  At the first I had to practically beg to buy the Zanesville Stoneage Modern planter. Actually I did beg.  The sale was out of the way and the directions were terrible (they didn't give an address) but I went anyway.  Why?  Because they teased me by mentioning 50+ years of collecting.  It's just not possible for me to pass on that little nugget of information.

I also found the little Fenton milk glass at another garage sale.  I'm not entirely sure why I buy them but I am slowly building a collection.  When I find the good ones at the right price it's hard to pass them up.

At the last garage sale I passed on a vintage Arizona State flag.  I wanted it soooooooo bad but they are ebayers and were asking too much.  I may go back at some point and see if it's still there.

Might hit the thrifts just once this week again.  We're planning on having a garage sale this weekend so between listing on Etsy and organizing for the sale I don't think I'll have much time to thrift.  Plus, we are going to LA next week!!!!  EEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Rose Bowl market here I come!!  I'm kind of beside myself just thinking about it!!

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  1. I love the fabric on that magazine rack!

  2. Me too! That's what caught my eye in the thrift. I really love those colors together.


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