Monday, October 29, 2012

Vintage Turquoise Fu Dogs

Hi There, Tina here from Vintage Movement. This is my first contribution to the Thrift Collective and I'm so thrilled to be a small part of this wonderful team!.

I stumble across this pair of vintage Fu Dogs on a random visit to a thrift store in Melbourne, Australia and couldn't believe my luck!. Having wanted a pair like this for a while these turquoise glazed Temple Dogs were a bargain at $8 and I also found a vintage set of capiz shell coasters for $2 (as seen in the background of the image below).

For more on this visit feel free to stop by my blog - vintage movement

 Happy Thrifting!


  1. Welcome! gosh they re ugly good! It's the colour I like! :)

  2. Thanks Ana and Pippa really glad to be here sharing!


  3. Love those dogs!! I would love to find a set of them out in the wild one day. Welcome to TC!

  4. Thanks Francine, sending you loads of "thrifting luck" so you can find a pair out there soon! :)Tina

  5. An absolutely bargain indeed. I love them too.

  6. Those dogs hold such sweet memories for me; Mum had some on display for my whole childhood - and I think she still does! I also had the opportunity to visit LA on a 30th birthday trip (from Australia!) some years ago and when walking past a house (down one of the streets from the Viper Room? that's the only landmark I can remember!) one of the houses had large versions of these on their doorstep. Random, but sweet memories haha. Kel x


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