Monday, October 8, 2012

Thrift Finds: October Surprises

Hello vintage lovers,

I am Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom and I am here to share with you at the Thrift Collective. I am having such a good time thrifting lately that I dread the day when holiday items take over the thrift stores and the picking gets slim. But for now all is well in the thrift world of SoCal and  I am more than happy to share my loot with you. As usual, I am only sharing my favorite finds. Let's start with an original Robert Maxwell beastie. I come across these creatures often, but this is the first time I find an original piece, not a slip cast one. This one is larger and it has a beautiful texture, just gorgeous. Sadly this beastie has seen better days, it has a broken horn and it is missing its tail. I still love it!

I know that I am pushing my luck with this next find. I found yet another piece of cathrineholm! A beautiful fondue pot in the rare black and white color. When I got the fondue, the vendor next door told me that he had a yellow bowl in the same pattern. He looked all over his van and inside every single crate he had and he couldn't find it! Shame. Maybe next time!

These two kitties are by Howard Pierce, unmarked but identifiable by their simple shape and big eyes. Gold leaf is in very good condition but it was almost damaged by the price stickers. I used all my patience peeling these stickers off. Pet peeve of mine: sticky anything near my vintage! I hate tape the most, but stickers are a close second.

A cool primitive carving of an owl (a male owl) hand carved mahogany made in St. John. Old sticker still attached to it. (Yes there are exceptions to the sticker rule: if the sticker is vintage it is a good sticker :))

My last find of the day, but one of my best finds this year: an Erik Hoglund zodiac glass pendants chain. Such a beautiful piece. I think I might enjoy it for a while. I found another one referenced here. I missed getting a beautiful Hoglund candelabra at a recent estate sale, so this really makes up for it.

Did you find anything that makes you happy? Did you have fun thrifting? Please do tell.


  1. That owl is cute, it's like a penguin-owl hybrid.

  2. The two little kittens are adorable!


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