Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's been a while!

Hi! Again ;o)
I have been thrifting, I promise! I have not always taken great photos of said thirfted items. I thought I'd jump back in here with a refashioned, thrifted look. The "Grayscale" Ensemble
The "Grayscale" Ensemble
I like this pair of man shorts more than my last. This time. I narrowed the legs and raised the crotch by taking them in at the inseam. Genius, the person who first posted that to the interweb. This pair of pants if from Kenneth Cole and cost me $5.00.
The "Grayscale" Ensemble The "Grayscale" Ensemble
This top, from Banana Republic (it's cashmere-like cotton according to the printed tag inside), was once about mid thigh length. It's also meant to be worn the opposite way. See, here. I hated looking for this one black tank (that I wear under everything) whenever I wanted to wear it. And I always ended up bunching it up after about 2 seconds of wearing it full length. I lopped off about a foot, cut the ribbing off and reattached it to the new, shorter, sweater. Then, to solve the the need for a bottom layer, I wore it backwards! I think it works. The "Grayscale" Ensemble
 You can see more pics here. Plus, cost details, and more, on my blog.

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