Friday, September 7, 2012

A Bevy of Bjorn.

Hi Thrift Collective!  This is Francine and I have a shop on Etsy called Hot Cool Vintage.  I also recently just start my Hot Cool Vintage Blog.  I really love seeing what other thrifters find and wanted to share my finds as well!  Hope you like them!

As it turns out the weekend before I started the HCV blog I had a big haul.  I usually just hit the estate sales on Saturday but that week I went out on Sunday too and I hit a couple of garage sales as well.  It was a busy weekend and I bought more than I usually do.  Which means I have to stay away - far, far, away - from the thrifts until I get a handle on listing what I bought.  

But........ on my way to get dog food I had to do a quick run through one of my fave shops.  As it turns out I found these....

Rosenthal Tapio Wirkkala Variations Vase - Lotus Bowls
........ which is funny because the week before I found these....

Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal
In that mix is mostly Bjorn Wiinblad Studio Line for Rosenthal.  There is also some M. Frey for Kaiser as well.  You can see the Rosenthal Puzzle Dishes in my previous post here.  The flower sculpture fills a corner by my fireplace nicely so that looks like it's got a new home with me, at least for now.  The vinyl tablecloth came in a bag with a Vera label but I'm not 100% sure it is a Vera.  This was all from one estate on Sunday.

On Saturday I bought....

50's Gravel Art, Bo-Svensk Candle holder, Rumba Flora covered dish,  Blenko Decanter, Stelton Tray & Karlsruhe Majolika Vase

.... and a Welby Starburst Clock

Some of the pieces I'm keeping.  The Blenko, the clock, the Karlsruhe vase, and some of the Rosenthal vases are staying with me for now.

Some have been listed.  The rest will be up shortly (I hope).  What's really nuts is this is just a small portion of what I have to list!   I have loads more that need to be photographed, researched and then listed.  Which makes me wonder.... What's the difference between a hoarder and a collector?  Which one am I?  Yikes!

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  1. Welcome! That Blenko vase is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks! The Blenko was a fun find. It still had the "vodka" tag on it!

  3. Welcome, don't you have the Midas touch! :)

  4. Hi Pippa, thanks! I should also mention this came at the end of a very long & dry summer!

  5. Great finds! I want to shop where you do! :)

  6. Thanks SusieQT! I've been in Tucson for a couple of years and I'm still surprised by what I find here.


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