Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thrift Round Up: 6.30.12

Today's bout of thrifting was extremely anti-climactic.  The thrifts were picked over; half of our finds came from a few random estate sales we happened across while driving to the next thrift.  We can't complain too loudly because we ended our trip with a Molly Moon's ice-cream cone and met up with a friend who gave us homemade lemon curd and some locally-produced Shipwreck Honey.  Behold!  Our meager thrifting haul:

We found the vintage Le Creuset #24 frying pan and the Pendleton blanket at the same thrift.  (As it turned out, it was the only thrift to yield anything of note.  While Le Creuset used to be much more common in thrift shops, we haven't seen one in ages, especially not the nice ones with the the original teak handles.  It should be up in the shop later in the week, if anyone is interested.  This one is in blue (our favorite of Le Creuset's colors) and is in superb condition.  We're saving our pile of Pendleton blankets for the autumn when we'll list them in the store, so it's going into storage until the weather cools off and people are thinking about wool blankets again!

We snagged the last two pieces at estate sales that happened to be blocks away from each other.  The first is a ceramic vase marked "Ester Israel" on the bottom.  We've seen this name attached to Lapid pieces (for example, this pot with a similar glaze).  We're not sure if this is Lapid or perhaps a studio piece by the same artist, but it's beautiful, simple, and definitely reminds us of the other Lapid ceramics we've come across.
Our last piece is a funky, cased-glass martini pitcher.  We have no idea who the maker of this piece is, but it's a great piece of mid-century glass and we're happy to add it to the shop's inventory!  The orange seems perfect for summer, don't you agree?

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