Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pasadena, CA City Guide

This isn't a complete list of the thrifts in Pasadena but it's the ones I hit on my first thrift run there.


Salvation Army Thrift Store -35 Waverly Drive- (626) 795-0274:
Expensive even with the 40% sale they were having. This is probably one of those stores where they send their "good" merchandise.

Salvation Army Thrift Store-56 West Del Mar Boulevard-(626) 577-4649:
This was a large store but it was messy and unorganized. Lot's of clothing but little housewares.

ACTS Thrift Store-1382 Locust-(626) 577-4477:
A large store, a good selection of everything.

Out of the Closet Thrift Stores-1726 East Colorado Boulevard-(626) 440-1719:
Disappointing but clean like all OOCs. I want to love these stores because it's such good cause but they never have anything worthwhile.

Goodwill-183 North Altadena Drive -(626) 564-0335:
A standard Goodwill. Clean, good selection. This was the only place I bought something.

Treasure Fair Thrift Shop-3239 East Foothill Boulevard-(626) 449-3326:
A run of the mill "Old Lady" thrift. Nothing exciting and almost everything is from the 80s.


  1. Nice roundup for Pasadena.. there's the Huntington Collection a little bit down on Fair Oaks, south of the cross street California. That one has an annex for furniture, but is overall extremely expensive. Think closer to an antique shop.

    They're opening a Goodwill soon,sort of across street from the Waverly SA. Incidentally, that SA is where the Mad Men set decorators said they look for stuff.. 'nuff said! Oh, the competition in SoCal...

  2. Thanks for the roundup! There are a couple on your list that I've not been to before.


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