Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom! Nature! Thrifting!

Today my better half and I took a mini road trip into the California wilderness. Ok well not really, we went about 40 miles out of Los Angeles to Vasquez Rocks. It's a beautiful part of Canyon Country where 25 million years ago two mountain ranges were having a tug of war with the tectonic plates and these rock formations were all "Hey, you're crowding us, we're outta here. Peace Broham".

I know, I missed my calling as a Geography teacher.

It was a fun day trip and we got to reference Star Trek and Bill and Ted (both filmed there) the whole time. It was a win-win for everyone.

On the way home we grabbed lunch and stumbled upon a Salvation Army and since it's July 4th, everything was half off. Hurray!

 We came home with a wool blanket, a flannel shirt, a baseball shirt, an older version of Battleship and a awesome platter (Empress Suzuka by Haruta) all for $7.90. Yay America!

If you want to see more pics of the trip check out my Instagram and Flickr.

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