Monday, July 9, 2012


I grabbed this (presumably) unfinished loom project when I was in Seattle last month. I knew it could be much better so I went about 'fixing' it.

The first thing I did was cut off the bottom dowel. Wait that's not true, the first thing I did was spray it with hot water and Febreeze...After I sprayed the Heebie Jeebies off of it and cut off the bottom dowel. I knotted the loose ends. Observe.

After the knots I then took some embroidery thread and braided a length of it and knotted around the top dowel. Much better.

Now I have the problem of not knowing what to do with it. I've never had the problem of having too much wall space. I have art coming out of my ears. I may just end up selling it.


  1. Great find! Lovely colours, I'm sure it will find a new home soon enough! :)

  2. It's beautiful. The colours are so vibrant. Love the red and pink together, and the yellow and turquoise. They really pack a punch. X

  3. What a find! -And what a transformation. :)

  4. I love how vibrant it is! <3



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