Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Speed Thrifting

I was in Seattle for a super quick visit. While I was there I managed to squeeze in a visit to two thrift stores. I maintain that Seattle has the best ones (although I'll bet the Midwest ones are no slouches either). Here's what I came home with in my suitcase:

A piece of unfinished tapestry (that will be a project I'll show you later), An 8-Track of Loretta Lynn Coal Miner's Daughter, A small vase, an odd decanter, a geisha piggy bank and two dessert themed pins.

This might be my new favorite thing. A Pro-Popsicle pin? How do we all not have these? 

For the full story click here.


  1. I loveeee that pin! Seriously, why are these not more common?

    Great finds :) Take care!

    -Dani @ Itch for Kitsch

  2. I have a decanter like that and we fill it with red hots at Valentines and M&M's for other holidays. It's good for dispensing nuts also.


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