Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Mid Century Miracle

I live within 3 miles of no less than 10 Mid Century Furniture and Decor Shops.   Each one of these shops is run/owned by extremely diligent and very busy proprietors.  It doesn't matter how early I get to an Estate Sale or what number in line I am - without fail every piece of Mid Century furniture has a sold sign on it.  Every. Single. Piece. 

Imagine my surprise when on the 3rd day of a yard sale I came across this!

The dresser, mirror and 2 night stands were hidden in the garage, with their faces turned to the wall.  They were marked Lane on the inside, so I knew they were of good quality.   The price was good and home with me they came.  A little online investigation pulled up that these pieces came from the Lane Rhythm Collection, which was produced in the mid 1960s.  I am in love.

Find more pictures of the set over HERE


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