Saturday, June 23, 2012

deka is the hillbilly cousin

Deka Lotus Bowls

Nope, not Catherineholm.


It's plastic, but I still love it.

I rescued these from a huge rummage sale on "stuff a bag for $2 day." I found so many pieces of gorgeous vintage clothing, that I spent $5 and everything equaled out to be about 11 cents each.

Now that's a sale I like!

I saved this Kosuga chair from the free pile.

It needs some love, and I know I can give it!

Please visit my blog froog and doog to see what other goodies I adopted.

There may or may not be gold pumps from the 80s.....


  1. I found the exact same bowl a little while ago and posted about it! I love mine, you can use it without fear of damaging an expensive bowl. They made them in a few colors and another smaller size and it's actually not a knock-off it was licensed to Deka.

  2. I LOVE those Deka bowls too!
    I have some Cathrineholm pieces which I just treasure!
    Tania xx

  3. My Mom had one of these bowls for many many years & loved it! She recently cracked hers & I am looking for a reasonably priced replacement. Would you be willing to sell?


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