Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrift Core Mod and Summery Finds for a Song

I thrifted five hours south in sunny Sarasota, Florida last week and let myself scoop up summery mod scores to revitalize of my antique store booths. The thrifting is good in Sarasota, I'll definitely be back to hunt through them and document them further! Here's what I found:

This very mod drinking set was actually sent to me by Scott (@zombiedad on Twitter) to sell on his behalf. I just got in the mail this week. I do offer this service, so  contact me if you need assistance there-- or if you'd like to purchase this lovely set!

A veritable skittles-hued variety pack of vintage beauty. These are perfect for a mod themed tiki party. And you can mix up and serve your cocktails on top of...

This dreamy and very mod peacock tray! This was another find send down by Scott. It's in perfect condition. Again, simply e-mail if you want to buy anything in this post. Today I've listed nearly everything with their deal prices (I do Daily Deals on Twitter and Facebook) for ease.

Ready for a picnic on the beach? Just tote your vintage ice bucket, cool vintage style Coca Cola drinking glasses and hip neon sunnies. I've found that sunglasses turn around quickly in the antique store so I always scoop up neat ones.

I used to be a Coca Cola addict so my nostalgia goggles are firmly in place with this find. They have a textured finished with the "Coke" logo on one side and the "Coca Cola" logo on the other. I'm selling the pair for $6.00.

My cup fascination will never cease! Here we have a little mod cup, juice jug, and nifty drink recipe cup.

All of these summery cups really inspire me to do some crafting. Especially the small cup with mod starbursts.

I was sad that the diamond shaped mod wall hanging wasn't a pair; a pair would be perfect hanging above the mid century modern-themed bar. But one is better than none! The little fireplace tableaux wall hanging stands on its own, though. I'm selling these for $9.00 each.

A very utilitarian yet attractive vintage tool box! I love the color and the shape.

I'm letting this one go for only $8.00 for Thrift Core blog readers and social media followers.

Stunning ceramic mushroom glory! It's a red toadstool or Amanita muscaria, everyone's favorite fungi. You have no idea how badly I want to keep this large mushroom coin bank for my kitchen. But a reseller must resell!

Another "Find" I want to keep for impact in my developing office are these large educational cards from 1967. The "workers" and "family" ones are my favorites, butt hey are all absolutely gorgeous. I love the texture and vintage illustrations galore.  I'm selling them at $8.00 each or the whole set for $28.

Each card has a front and back. They're 24 inches wide and 20 inches tall. Each thick cardboard card has that desirable rustic patina.

Front side of the "Family" Card. I love the vintage fashions in this one and the big color blocks.

Back side of the "Family" card. Looks like many children's books, very cute! I love the typography.

I like the very simple design of this one! This is the "Front."

And this is the back of the sample "simple" card. Gorgeous illustrations yet again, and this one is actually making me a little hungry, too!

Another favorite that I picture being perfect in a home office, admire workers in their charming 1960s Mad Men era attire.

Back of the "workers" card. I love every illustration on this page. Look at the detail of the little valentine, even! It has a little damage but I think that adds to the vintage charm.

More cute vintage illustrations. Look at the mod ranch style house and fan on the second line!

And the back of the card above. I especially appreciate the Jack and Jill illustrations! Nice cool colors and graphic shapes.

And now it's time for me to make a strong batch of tea and start this work week off right! So tell me...

What did you find this weekend?


  1. I love the cute pastel drink set!! They are so cute and would be great for the summer! I'm having a You Choose dress giveaway on my blog and would love for you to pass by and enter!


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  3. Coco Cola love! I used to be a huge addict too and still love the red logo!


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